Thursday, October 11, 2012

Armchair Politics, or Political Activist who wins?

Gary Johnson standing in the Libertarian Presidential Ticket is an ego driven activity.

The Libertarian Party has not been able to mount a successful National or Congressional political campaign, for they have yet to establish a vibrant local presence within the 3,141 counties and county equivalents within the United States of America.

Politics starts in one’s own backyard.  Here in Michigan it starts in the local township, Village, or City political arena.

The Libertarian Party Structure still sits in the armchair of Monday morning quarterbacks musing about their failures by faulting others, in lieu of learning that after 40 years why their party structure has failed to generate results.

The Republican Party came together between 1854, and 1856, and established itself a National Player by successfully electing it’s Candidates to the White House and Congressional Seats by the fall election of 1860.  The newly formed Republican Party was able to accomplishment Congressional and Presidential Success in six years for those political activists knew how to organize a political machine.

The Libertarian Party has failed consistently for 40 years.  The largest turnout for a Libertarian Candidate was Ron Paul in the 1988 Presidential Contest.  Then following that “success” Ron Paul stepped back to the Republican Party where he has stood till this very day as does his Son Kentucky Senator Rand Paul.

The solution is simple, organize within an existing structure, which the Tea Party activists and Libertarians in Michigan have shown works.  The Michigan GOP today has a collection of Republican In name Only, Conservatives, Libertarians and Tea Party Activists who have changed the nature, and cause of the GOP back to limited Constitutional governmental principles.

This dynamic has effectively changed the direction of the Michigan GOP and has exposed the Republican in Name only crowd to the reality that their Progressive Agenda of overtly misstating fact to maintain their position in a Caucus Race, or Electoral contest no longer carries the day.

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