Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Two Minutes of Hate, The Rumble in Charlottesville,

These protests in Charlottesville were the expected and planned response organized by Non Government Organizations in support of, and as a challenge to, the Progressive identity politics known as “Symbols of Hate”.  Symbols of Hate events are the Progressive adaptation of the “Two Minutes of Hate” from George Orwell’s novel “1984”.

Supported by the Progressive Political Class of Virginia’s public policy of “Police Restraint”, the professional Non Governmental Organizations dressed out as “protestors” came to Charlottesville prepared to rumble in the public square. 

The Public Policy of “Police Restraint” is the political policy implemented by the Progressive Political Class to rumble its “Symbols of Hate” narrative in the public square to be televised around the world for all to see.

Now the stage was set in Charlottesville for the Two Minutes of Hate, which started back on May 15, 2017, the first full dress rehearsal.

In May, the National Policy Institute’s Richard Spencer supported the first event testing the waters in the collegiate town of Charlottesville.  The Antifa crew showed up in force dressed up in  their street rumbling attire shouting their vile “symbol of hate” slogans mixed with a few of their homemade projectiles.

The Stage was expertly choreographed in Charlottesville by the Non Governmental Organizations who sent out their “useful idiots” to rumble in the streets a second time on July 8.

This led up to August 12, which was the final curtain call churning up the false narrative “Symbols of Hate” that was televised around the World.

On one side of the Street was Jason Kessler’s
Unity & Security for America, who came to town to rumble with the Antifa on the weekend of August 12, 2017.  The prior rehearsals managed by these Nongovernmental Organizations set the stage for this ultimate political rumble in Charlottesville. 

The “symbols of hate” is the progressive doublespeak moved to advance its century old revisionist policy of rewriting history to advance its contemporaneous ideological rhetoric. 

George Orwell presented this ideological tool of socialism when he wrote “1984” where he described this “Fictional State” led by “Big Brother” whose bureaucratic ministry of “Love” led the misinformed masses into the city streets where they held protests known as “Two Minutes of Hate”.

The first two events, the one in May, followed by the one in July under the watchful eye of the City’s Police Department Policy of “restraint” led to minor confrontations.

 The final event came to town on August 12, 2017.  The Non Governmental Organizations professionals led their “useful idiots” down through the streets of Charlottesville where the local authorities enforced their practiced policy of “Police Restraint.  The Television cameras were rolling, the news “commentators” churned up the false narrative “symbols of hate” with video snips of “Protestors” rumbling in the background in the public square of Charlottesville.

Now as the world watched, we all witnessed the Svengali News Feed championing the “Two Minutes of Hate” melodrama by broadcasting the practiced talking points of the Progressive political Class of the Commonwealth, all bemoaning the violence of the “Alt Right”. 

“Symbols of Hate” is the Progressive policy of Identify politics moved today to rewrite history to expunge from the halls of academia the true history hidden behind this political policy operating as “Symbols of Hate”.

The Progressive rode to town with Thomas Woodrow Wilson’s
ascendancy to the Presidency of the United States of America on March 1913. 

During the first months of Thomas’ Presidency, moving discreetly without public fanfare, under the direction of the 28th President of the United States his Cabinet Secretaries, starting within the Post Office, quietly moved forward a public policy to dismiss executive civil service personnel, American Citizens, whose skin tone happened to be Black. 

Two year later in celebration of this Progressive segregationist policy Thomas invited D. W. Griffith to the white house to screen his Klu Klux Klan revival movie, “The Birth of a Nation” on March 21, 1915

This was followed the segregation of public places by signage in Washington D.C. stating White Only, or Negro Only, a fact no longer shared in Collegiate Academia.

Fast forward 100 years to the closing days of the 44th Presidential Administration, where the Progressive now have decided to “Bleach” historical fact from the public record by “White Washing” history in the public square by proclaiming all Monuments erected celebrating the Confederate States of America were “Symbols of Hate”.

As the events in Charlottesville unfolded on August 12th, the Public Actors take to the stage.

The Progressive Mayor of Charlottesville moved in lockstep with his superior political supporter sitting in the Governor’s Office in Richmond rushing to the microphone to stand singularly and collectively their “Two Minutes of Hate”.

The Governor and the Mayor all but tripped over themselves running to the microphones to have their video beamed words moved around the world by championing their false narrative addressing terse remarks denouncing “Symbols of Hate!

These two leading Public Officers, one in Charlottesville, the Other in Richmond knowingly shared the false narrative with shocked eyes proclaiming they would not support those protestors who supported “Symbols of Hate”.

IN closing their practiced remarks, the two public officers of the Commonwealth then faulted President Donald J Trump for supporting symbols of hate.  Progressive doublespeak at its finest eh!

What is amazing, but not unexpected are those within the Progressive Wing of the Republican Party sitting on Capitol Hill who jumped up to share on their Twitter Feeds over the weekend and throughout this week, repeatedly calling out the President for failing to denounce “Symbols of Hate.”

All this continues to unfold in real time beamed around the World by the television cameras with the usual seven second delay whilst the News Commentators expertly dialogue their “Two minutes of Hate” for all to see stridently asking when is the President going to call out these alt right “protestors” for all their wrongs.

Donald J. Trump has stood on the public stage for over 40 years, and from his first day, he has challenged the Progressive identity politics which are now shared as “Symbols of Hate”.

The Progressives sitting within the shadows of both Major Parties outright fear the 45th President of the United States of America.  These Progressive charlatans advancing identity politics know well President Donald J. Trump’s success means the end of their corrupted ways.

The “Symbols of Hate” is the desperate act of the failing corrupted Progressive Political Class who is reliant upon a cowered citizenry to advance their Machiavellian political policies.

IN response, we here in America, need to stand up from Sea to Shining Sea, from the Rio Grande to the Great Lakes to let all know far and Wide, we will not be cowered, we will not go into the night fearful of tomorrow. 

We shall stand tall holding the Beacon of Liberty high for all to see that under that Light of Liberty we stand proudly by the side of Our President Donald J. Trump whose words resonant far and wide as we move to Make America Great Again:

And whether a child is born in the urban sprawl of Detroit or the windswept plains of Nebraska, they look up at the same night sky, they fill their heart with the same dreams, and they are infused with the breath of life by the same almighty Creator.

So to all Americans, in every city near and far, small and large, from mountain to mountain, and from ocean to ocean, hear these words:

You will never be ignored again.

Your voice, your hopes, and your dreams, will define our American destiny. And your courage and goodness and love will forever guide us along the way.

Together, We Will Make America Strong Again.

We Will Make America Wealthy Again.

We Will Make America Proud Again.

We Will Make America Safe Again.

And, Yes, Together, We Will Make America Great Again. Thank you, God Bless You, And God Bless America.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Progressive Rumble in Charlottsville

Today in Charlottesville Virginia, Americans witnessed a Propaganda Coup constructively organized by the Progressive Political Class there in the Commonwealth of Virginia covertly allying itself with its useful idiots known to all as the “Antifa”.

It is fact, that these so called “White Nationalists” had organized a street protest in Charlottesville, coming dressed as Political thugs, which is the heritage of the KluKluxKlan along with their fellow National Socialists travelers who came to town dressed to rumble with the “Antifa”.

What was not acknowledged directly was that the “Antifa” stood in the public square, referred to ubiquitously by the Yellow Journalists in the major new media as the “Counter protest”.

What was left out of this false narrative is that the “Counter Protestors” were this so called “Antifa” who came dressed as the political thugs who have shown their riotous ways in such assemblies as shared in the new media across the major Cities of America on January 20th, 2017.  Following the Antifa “day of rage”, these “counter Protestors stormed the University of California Berkeley Campus on February 1 breaking, torching, and violently confronting anyone in their path of riotous destruction.  The Antifa are a collective group of liberal professional political thugs funded quietly by Progressive NGO’s.

This riotous path of the “antifa” led them to the streets of Charlottesville, where the yellow journalists of the major media presented these political thugs as the “Counter protestors” to what was described as the “White Nationalists”.  
The public stage was set, on one side stood David Duke, a known member of the Klu Klux Klan, leading his collective collage of “White Nationalists” who we confronted by the “Counter Protestors” where within their ranks was this other crew known as “Black Lives Matter” all covered in riotous splendor in front of the News Camera pummeling each other.  What was missing from the pummeling protestors, were all those Police who were shown on the camera, but not separating these two riotous assemblies of Political Thugs until much later in the afternoon.
This would be unbelievable, but sadly very true.  This “violent protest” beamed around the world from Charlottesville Virginia was a choreographed activity where both sides came as they say, “ready to rumble”!  The local police authorities quietly stood in the background until the major news media ramped up the story line faulting the “White Nationalists” for the violent  outbreak, all the while overlooking the “Counter Protestors” carrying their clubs.

Then with the video streaming in the background flowing with the false narrative of the commentators who were busy churning over the day, all about the talking point, that
“Violent White Nationalists”, the Progressive Political Class of the Commonwealth stumbled over each other rushing to the Television Cameras throughout the day. 
There looking into the Camera Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe with “tough eyes”, denounces the violence of the “White Nationalists” whilst overlooking the videos showing two well armed groups of political thugs violently rumbling in the public square. 

Then along comes
Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer who takes to the airwaves of the television media to fault the President of the United States for failing to call out the “White Nationalists”.  Meanwhile his local police authority stood back while the two distinct groups of political thugs rumbled in front of the Television Cameras for the entire world to see! 

Meanwhile the Swamp Creatures from within the Beltway of Washington D.C., stood up in quick step to parrot the false narrative of the yellow journalists by taking pot shots at the President of the United States on their twitter feeds.

In Short this “violent protest” was knowingly tolerated, maneuvered, and exploited by the corrupted Progressive Political class of the Commonwealth, with the avid support of their kindred kind from inside the putrid swamp festering there inside the Beltway of Washington D.C.
Wake up America to take note, we have witnessed a collaborative effort of the federal licensed major news media outlets to overtly misstate the truth by expertly moving a choreographed real time video broadcast to advance their false narrative of that which never occurred, a one side political riot. 
The video news narrative beamed out of Charlottesville on August 12, 2017, was a textbook example of George Creel’s infamous progressive philosophy for mainlining the false narrative: “Why tell a little lie, when a big lie sounds so much better”. 
There is one obvious fact that could not be hidden by the televisions cameras, which were the two distinct polarized groups of violent political thugs rumbling on the streets of Charlottesville Virginia under the watchful eye of the local authorities.

Then later on Saturday Afternoon, when the corrupted progressive political class of the Commonwealth attained their objective of ridiculing President Donald J. Trump, they ended the “violent protests” in quick fashion.  Amazing eh?

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Politics of the Blob

Our State legislature sitting in Lansing has consistently shouted for all to hear these past 53 years that there is never enough tax dollars to fund Public Education, Public Health, Public Safety, and the maintenance of OUR Publicly maintained highways and byways here in the lands of the Wolverine.

The continued increased public spending is with or without our support following an election where candidates pledged to stand within Constitutional Limitations from where once seated on the chamber floors in Lansing under OUR State Capitol Dome they do the contrary. 

Our elected public officers stand on the legislative chamber floor from where they willingly expand the reach of the twenty principle departments of State Government to cure issues that are the result of failed legislative initiatives of the past, which results in the exponential growth of public agencies who mimic the creature from the Movie of 1958, “The Blob”. 

Our State governance here in the lands of the Wolverine has become the “Blob”.  How has the majority of OUR publics actors implemented the public policies best defined as the “Blob”? 

Well, here are few historical points not taught in the political science classes of our publically funded classes of academia.

The State budget in 1964 was approximately $684 million dollars; in 1965 it increased to 820 million dollars from where it hit 1 billion dollars in 1966.  Now what do the Public Actors do following three fiscal years of increased tax and spend funding?  What is the solution?  Decrease the size of government?

No, the public actors put out the carrot and the stick of Public Education, Public Health, and Public Safety that just had to be funded to support the Progressives’ latest program for enlarging Bureaucratic Socialism, known to all as the “Great Society”.

So, the doorway was now open to move forward with Public Act 281 of 1967 which is now known as the State Income Tax.  The first fiscal increase under this tax and spend legislation was a mere “ten percent” from where the state budget increased to 1.1 billion dollars for the fiscal year starting on October 1, 1967.  

On October 1, 2016, the State Budget stood at 54.9 billion. Since October 1, 1967, with the State Income Tax in Place, the state budget increased over the next 50 years by 4,990 percent. Where has all the funding gone?

Meanwhile the State legislature has consistently shouted for all to hear, there is never enough tax dollars to fund Public Education, Public Health, Public Safety, and the maintenance of OUR Public maintained highways and byways here in the lands of the Wolverines.  It is like clockwork, following the spring thaw, as we bump across potholes, the State Wide Progressive journalists of the Media rallies for increased spending to fix the “Problems”.

So the legislative liaisons roll over to the legislative chamber in the closing days of January from the twenty principle Departments of State Government, claiming we need just a “few dollars more” more to fix the “Problems”.

This surely shall be an odd occurrence, for the State Agencies were allegedly funded the previous year to fix all these “Problems”, which for some reason have becomes perpetually an unsolvable issue that requires ever increasing funding.  
Correspondingly, since 1964, the State Legislatures' salary has increased from $3500 per legislative calendar year in 1964 to $12,000 per legislative calendar year by 1968.

A 357 percent increase in just 48 months! Currently the annual legislative salary excluding the ten thousand dollar "slush" fund has increased 575 percent since the legislative calendar year ending December 31, 1968.

What is amazing, is that prior to the 1964 legislative calendar year the legislature met part time for 90 legislative days on the chamber floors.

Under the encouragement of George Romney, when the Legislature came to town on the second Wednesday in January of 1964, sitting down on the Chamber Floors at twelve o’clock noon, they inexplicitly never went home.  Yet the Legislature sat then, as it does now, on the chamber floor for only 90 legislative days during their yearlong visit to Lansing every legislative year for the past 53 years.

The result is that we here in Michigan are overburden by a State Bureaucracy populated by elected public officials who expand the reach of the appointed civil public employees every calendar year without regard to constitutional limitations.

How is all this accomplished contrary to constitutional limitations implemented in the Michigan State Constitution of 1963, Article IV § 13 that require the Legislature to sit ONLY on the Second Wednesday of the Month in January at twelve o’clock noon?

Well turn to the Public Education System which was the cornerstone of George Romney's tax and spend expansion program during his six years sitting the Executive Office in Lansing.

Motown unfortunately is the perfect example of a failed public educational system supported by what is historically been exposed as a corrupted public trust.  This broken governance is not exclusive to Motown.

This broken governance model unfortunately has become standard operating procedure radiating out of Lansing that knowingly redistributes our Private Wealth every fiscal calendar year to continue funding the endemic failures of historic legislative wrongs sitting as local units of government.

This is enabled by a supportive collection of Progressives in elected and appointed office, with the avid support of their fellow travelers, who are the journalists embedded within the media falsely promoting that all these wrongs of the past 53 years are the result of Michiganders who refuse to support the ever growing Blob of Governance best defined as Bureaucratic Socialism.

Odd dialogue eh? A skillfully created dialogue where the “usual suspects” fault others for the wrongs knowingly funded by the Progressive entrenched political class here in the lands of Wolverine which is enacted to enable a public policy operating as Legislative Plunder!

The proof of this simple fact was exposed when Tom Leonard, the Speaker of Our State House of Representatives moved a Tax cutting and Second Amendment Initiative, from where his actions were pilloried in the “Free Press” across the Breath and Width of OUR Great State.

This is just a few of the many reasons that for the past 53 years we suffer the insufferable legislative tomfoolery churned out by a "Full Time Legislature" to support the 30 year careers of publically unionized tenured appointed public actors who shrewdly lobby the inexperienced term limited elected public actors for more of OUR private wealth claiming that for just another "few dollars more" that they may solve the problems this fiscal years that they never intended to solve the last fiscal year.

Michigan has become an Orwellian Nightmare, where the legislature has wasted hundreds of billions in dollars of Private Wealth over 53 years without concern.  Why?  Well, look no further than the votes held in Lansing under our State Capitol Dome, where all vote to increase the burden upon Michiganders whilst claiming they are spending less, when the reality is they always spend more. 

The only ones spending less are Hard working Michiganders whose private wealth is coercively taken under the color of law, implemented as the State Income Tax, Property Tax, Sales Tax, Permit Taxes, and by any all other taxable means to fund this ever growing fiscal Blob, known as State and Local Government here in the lands of the Wolverine.

What may we Michiganders move to end this ongoing legislative plundering?  Well, first we should consider putting the legislature within the Constitutional confines of a defined legislative Calendar year of 90 days sitting over the first four months of the year, inclusive of ending the foolishness of term limits.

Then WE Michiganders need to call for terminating the legislative control of the Executive Branch, by having the newly enfranchised part time legislature repeal the unconstitutional legislative enactment known as the Public Employee Relations Act, sitting as Public Act 336 of 1947

We Michigander constitutionally empowered three branches of co equal government, where no one branch shall control the other.  So how may Public Act 336 of 1947 legislatively instruct the Executive Branch how to manage its appointed public servants?  Whoops . . .

Welcome to the Orwellian State where Constitutional Limitations are breached when the elected public actors fail to stand within constitutional limitations which fraudulently enables the fallacy of a tax and spend confiscatory agenda  every Fiscal Calendar year here in the Lands of Wolverine starting on October 1.

We have but one choice here in Michigan.  We need to stand up this electoral cycle to elect Statesmen to sit in the Offices of OUR Public Trust, who come the Second Wednesday of January 2019, move to liberate all Michiganders from the failed legislative polices that have knowingly breached Constitutional Limitations.  In short, the 100th Legislature needs shut it all down.  Then with the nearly 43 billon dollars in working capital saved by the end of the legislative day, fund the authorities we have granted a constitutionally limited government.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Judicial Dictators of the Federal Court

The Constitution of the United States for the United States of America was penned in simple understandable English for a purpose. The purpose is that all may read and comprehend the Constitutional Limitations and Prohibitions imposed upon a Federal Governance.

Article I grants the Congress the regulatory oversight of Immigration. Article II stands the President of the United States as the chief magistrate to enforce the Laws of the United States. Article III established that "The judicial Power of the United States, shall be vested in one supreme Court, and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish."

NOwhere in Article III is the Federal Judiciary given the authority to legislate from the Bench, nor rewrite the laws of the United States to fit a judge’s personal whim and fancy. Such judicial action is not only judicially moved in Violation to Title 28 USCA § 453, it is sedition cloaked under the color of law.

In the first instance case coming out of Seattle addressing the Executive Order Banning entry from seven specified nations by aliens, Federal District Court Judge James Robart violated Title 28 § 453 in order to move a colorful judicial order that violated Title 8 USCA § 1182(f).

Not to be outdone , William Canby, Richard Clifton and Michelle Friedland who sat as the “Motions Panel” on the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, collectively continued this Deep State usurpation to the Rule of Law by supporting the rhetorical arrogance lofted about by Robart under the color of law.

When the Courts move seditious muse from the Bench under the Color of Article III, they are legislating from the bench in this instance an improper movement by James Robart in Seattle, which was the judicial sedition emulated by Derrick Watson of Honolulu, followed closely by Theodore Chuang in Greenbelt.

Hart–Celler Act of 1965 does not support the specious argument moved by the State’s Attorney General in Seattle, or in Honolulu nor do the laws of the United States support Theodore D. Chuang 43 page political dissertation.

In all instances from Seattle, Honolulu and finally Greenbelt, the Plaintiffs had no justiciable standing in law which left these three appointed public officials confirmed by the Senate, one order, which was to have dismissed these fictitious claims for failure to state a claim upon which relief may be granted.

The Judicial Assault upon the Article II prerogative regarding immigration as authorized by the Article I legislation enacted as The Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952, as subsequently amended substantiates the “Deep State” is a collective of State and Federal public actors sitting in a seditious conspiracy to obstruct the constitutionally constituted rule of law.

The Court does not make "law', nor may "case law" be invoked as "law" to override the rule of law.

Unfortunately the Federal Judiciary has brazenly legislated from the bench without concern to being held accountable for such seditious acts under a Bill of Impeachment.

Since 1803 Fifteen Federal Judges have been impeached, where four were convicted, three resigned, and eight were acquitted by the Senate.  Not one was Impeached for sedition, which is what legislating from the bench truly shall be.

When Thomas Jefferson was confronted with a Judicial arena populated by known partisan enemies, he engaged Congress to enact the Judiciary Act of 1802 (2 Stat. 156) which directly abolished sixteen judgeships. 

It is time to reorganize this corrupted judicial branch by holding these life time appointees accountable for their legalistic wrongs, by Bills of Impeachment and Judicial Reorganization as authorized in Article III clause 1: "and in such inferior Courts as the Congress may from time to time ordain and establish."

Friday, November 11, 2016

Everything will Change

 “Everything will change, everything has changed”[1]

By Kenneth A.

The closing scene of Mel Gibson’s movie “The Patriot” became real life during the early Morning of November 9, when Hillary Clinton’s subordinate, John Podesta, stood on the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center stage to inform all present that they should go home. Hillary sent out her subordinate, knowing well that the Associated Press had called Pennsylvania at 1:40 Am for Donald J Trump.  So, just as what Lord Charles Cornwallis did at Yorktown in defeat, she was unable to hand her “Sword” over to the Victor, Donald J Trump.  So, she sent out her Subordinate, who unlike at Yorktown did not acknowledge her loss, for she and her subordinate held on to the false narrative to the very end.

This inevitable end to Hillary Clinton’s 36 years in the Political Limelight came with her silent acknowledgement that which had been denied by all within the Leadership of both major political parties, who were parroted by their journalistic sycophants embedded in the major media, since June16, 2015, Donald J Trump was the messenger of a political movement that had turned the “silent majority” into an active standing New Republican Party voting bloc across America.

The media’s pot shots at the GOP Presidential Candidacy,of Donald J Trump came to the Fox News Channel on August 7, 2015 debate.  Fox News Channel “Fair and Balanced” claims took a heavy hit when the three moderators, Megan Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier teamed up to target what they thought would be easy prey in the first 60 seconds of the Televised GOP Primary Presidential debate viewed by over 28 millions in the States, and untold millions more around the world, Donald J Trump.

Donald’s campaign message was simple, and to the point; he was standing up to end the Progressive Political Elite corruption that had led the Public Trust sitting in Washington D.C. to mirror the corrupted ways of third world Dictatorships.

The Democratic Presidential Nominee was the prime example of a Progressive Political Elite whose lawless ways were the accepted norm within Washington D.C.’s entrenched political establishment.  A Progressive political elite, as shown twice by the FBI Director James Comey, who in concert with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, refused to acknowledge the legal wrongs committed by the Democratic Presidential Nominee’s pay to play scheme, and the private email server used to hide these corrupted acts from public scrutiny when sitting as the Secretary of State.

The result was for over 18 months, the Washington Progressive Political Establishment, and their
media cheerleaders outrightly ignored the coming political triumph of Donald J. Trump where he invigorated a political movement that would attract tens of thousands to political rallies starting in Phoenix Arizona on July 11, 2015.

Four Days after the August 7, 2015 Debate, Donald J Trump came to Birch Run, where nearly 3000 Michiganders, with others from outside the lands of the Wolverine, filled the arena to hear him champion a political movement to “Make America Great Again”. 

These Political Rallies, which continued over the following fifteen months, attracting tens of millions of Americans, were dismissed by his Opponents, and the Media pundits, which led them to overlook the obvious; the growing political movement that carried Donald J Trump to victory here in Michigan and throughout America on November 8 2016 to be elected as the President of the United States of America.
In Sterling Heights at the Freedom Hill Arena, where nearly eight thousand plus Michiganders stood with thousands left standing outside, over to the last Campaign Rally in Grand Rapids for the Presidential Campaign in DeVos Place, where another eighteen thousand Michiganders stood in the first morning hours of November 8, Pete Hoekstra shared the fact which the entrenched Republican Leadership in Washington D.C. refused to comprehend.  Donald J Trump was the messenger of a vibrant unstoppable political movement that has brought a New Republican Party to the forefront where are all welcome to stand tall to “Make America Great Again”!

1.      From “The Patriot” by Mel Gibson,  the surrender at Yorktown as spoken by Tom Wilkinson aka Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis  

Sunday, October 23, 2016

Thursday, August 18, 2016

The American Revolution November 2016

Far too many folk become mired in the local arena argument of political party disunity, which obfuscates the issues sitting on the floors of the State and Federal legislature.

In 2011, with the support of the Grassroots in the local arena throughout the States, the Republicans secured the Majority in the House sitting under OUR Federal Capitol Dome.

In 2010, and again in 2012, the Senate Republicans faulted the Tea Party of the Grassroots for their "failure" to secure majority control of the Federal Senate.

Two years later, in the fall of 2014, the Republicans secured the Leadership of the Senate thanks directly to a unified Grassroots in the local arena.

Meanwhile John Boehner's parting Gift to the Senate Democrats in the fall of 2012 was to pass along the HIGHEST tax increase since the days of "Read My Lips". Higher taxes means more earmarked pork redistributed to the Progressives favored charities, themselves, and their favorite Crony Capitalists.

Meanwhile the Major Media with the avid support of the inside the Beltway crowd spin a False narrative by exploiting the disunity among the Republican Grassroots back home in the local arena.

This theme of political party disunity is now in full swing, as the usual suspects' surrogates, the K Street Gang, along with a few sitting members of the Corrupted Political Elite send out a Letter denouncing the GOP Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, a denouncement totally reliant upon playing up a false narrative which is reliant upon factional disunity within the Republican Grassroots. A factional disunity which will always exist, which when mishandled locally becomes the opportunity for the Progressive Political Elite to assure their corrupted hold on OUR Public Trust.

The Mishandling back home in the local arena is self evident, when the Grassroots toss the theme around as to who is more Republican.   This onerous argument bounding around back home in the local arena where, the Grassroots are tossing about who is more Republican is being egged on by the local "State Capitol Bubble" lobbyist crowd, who like their K Street Counterparts knowingly fear the message of Donald J. Trump.

A "litmus test" of accusations tossed about amongst the Republican Grassroots allows the corrupted Political Elite sitting inside the Beltway, along with those "State Capitol Bubble" lobbyists to play us all for Fools. Read through the printed pages of YOUR local print news media, they feast off the story line of "Disunity" in the Republican Grassroots.

Meanwhile the Inside the Beltway Crowd, circle their wagons, from where they look for targets of opportunity, to assure their double speak agenda.  Disunity is a false narrative, which is the result of well minded folks, who by nature have disagreements.  Read the history of the Continental Congress precedent to, and following the unanimous Consent from July 4, 1776, where the assembled membership stated for the All the World to Know, where they Stated we here in America would stand as One Nation under God, as the United States of America. 

There were periods of open vitriolic hostility, yet they all stood unified as God Fearing Freedom Loving Americans in the Common Cause, to toss of the Tyrannical Chains of a Corrupted Governance sitting along the Thames River in Merry Ole London Town.

The Grassroots Disunity back home is music to the ears of the Corrupted Political Elite sitting under OUR Federal Capitol Dome in Washington D.C., played up by the local Lobbyists club sitting within the Political Bubble of the State Capitol, who like K Street, are reliant upon the corrupted political elite to fund their lifestyle, so they egg on the false narrative of disunity for their pecuniary profit.

Disunity within the Grassroots is reliant upon a false narrative that empowers the corrupted political elite, whilst sowing discord where it does not belong. What is the false narrative? It derives from frustrations played upon by the Local and K Street Lobbyists, who use it as a funding tool sopping the corrupted political elite.

Leading up to and following the 2014 elections, the Republicans sitting on both chamber floors under OUR Federal Capitol Dome, rolled out to the Political Stump championing Conservative ideas of Constitutional Limited Governance, then once on the legislative Floor behind locked doors doubled the National Debt whilst faulting the Grassroots back home.

A Grassroots back home who pointed the finger at the other side, claiming they were not real Republicans.

The local arena may be divisive, but once the decisions are made and the local leadership sits, it is time to stand up to address the coming elections.

Failure to address the vote this fall, will empower the rhetorical double speak we have suffered for generations, from the Corrupted Political Elite, who care nothing about the Grassroots, except on Election Day.

It is time to wake up from the pettiness of whose is more Republican.

The men who stood on Lexington Green on April 19 1775 had no concern for who was "More the Minuteman". They had one common unifying concern, to toss off the Tyrannical Chains of a Corrupted Governance.  It is time we honor their Legacy by tossing of the Tyrannical Chains of the Corrupted Governance that now festers under OUR Federal Capitol Dome in Washington D.C.

Their legacy is now our present, where thanks to their Sweat, Blood, and Toil on the Revolutionary Battlefield, and Chambers of the Continental Congress, we have the Liberty to roll into the Polls this Coming November to support the messenger Donald J. Trump, so we may all stand tall to "Make American Great Again".