Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Matty's Biggest Fear . . .

Matty Moroun is a statutory Monopolist who has spent nearly twenty million dollars propagating his favorite Big Lie these past twelve months, “The Government Bridge.”

The Detroit Windsor corridor is the largest international trade corridor in the World, wherein Matty Moroun’s Detroit International Bridge Company charges the highest tolls possible on the 8000 trucks that cross his statutory monopoly, the Ambassador Bridge every twenty four hours.

Matty Moroun cares for one item, his statutory Monopoly, and has opened his corporate checkbook to any and all who will willingly spread his manure far and wide that the “Governor’s Government Bridge” will cost Michigan Taxpayer millions of misspent Tax Dollars.

Americans for Prosperity of Michigan, and its sister organization Michigan Alliance for Prosperity apparently share with open palms in Matty Moroun's, and his Son, Matthew Moroun's corporate Checkbooks from where they spread Matty’s Manure with a gleam in their collective eyes of political deceit.

Director Scott Hagerstrom of Americans For Prosperity of Michigan has 3000 known contributors of record, plus or minus, inclusive of whom appears to be the largest known contributors, Matty Moroun’s corporate entities.

Matty Moroun for the for the past twelve months has been overly generous to this organization, Americans For Prosperity of Michigan,  to the fiscal point of apparently  directly paying the light bills and other administrative expenses for the organization's support for the Constitutional Proposal 12-6.

Matthew Moroun’s corporate Offices, the Liberty Bell Agency Incorporated in Warren, has funded nearly 99.9 percent of Michigan Alliance for Prosperity’s financial needs in its efforts to move the collateral action known as Constitutional Proposal 12-5.

Michigan Alliance for Prosperity, and its comrade in Arms Americans For Prosperity of Michigan, are managed by Professional Lobbyists whose goal is to mislead Michiganders to believe in Matty Moroun’s Big Lie presented as the “Government Bridge”.

The "People should Decide" is a Political Sham 100 percent funded by Matty Moroun's Corporate entities to propagate his Big Lie anywhere and everywhere throughout Michigan that the People Should Decide.  This Political double speak is promoted in Television ADS, and by foot soldiers that Vladimir Ulyanov referred to as "Useful Idiots".

To impress the “intelligentsia”, Matty bravely trotted out his Corporation’s paid legal consultancy hack, Wayne State University law professor Robert Sedler who appears to have no problem misstating fact when it apparently fattens his personal checkbook when addressing the issue as a “legal expert”.

The result is that the ill informed have flocked to support the falsehoods expertly promoted by Americans for Prosperity of Michigan, and its favorite partner in pandering Matty  Moroun’s' “Big Lie” , Michigan Alliance for Prosperity.

The reality is the Crossing Agreement penned this past summer is Matty Moroun’s worst nightmare.  The Crossing Agreement assures Michigan Taxpayers will not foot one dollar of expense for this New International Bridge Project.  Furthermore a Private Concession will be the holder of the Bridge Tolls from which revenue will pay off the privately placed bonds to build the Bridge Structure itself.

The Canadian National Government is the guarantor of this Project, and is funding the 550 million dollars needed to secure Federal Matching Funds for an infrastructural highway project here in Michigan which will be used to construct the egress and ingress to the foot of the International Bridge  itself here on the western shores of the Detroit River.

Matty Moroun’s knows this project will be a profitable enterprise, for the Deep water Port in Halifax has been expanding its handling capacity for years.  The result is that the seven mile corridor on the East side of the Detroit River is currently choked with traffic stopping at eighteen traffic signals in their race to the 401 expressway.  Then there is the physical point that the 83 year old Ambassador Bridge’s lifespan of 100 years is coming fast.

It is truly sad that so few Michiganders are willing to look behind the curtain where Matty stands cowering, for he only knows how to operate a statutory monopoly which is why he fears competition.  IN result of this known fear of competition Matty has apparently spent nearly twenty million dollars with possibly more to come, in order to convince others that his Big Lie is the Truth.

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Barb Adams said...

Seems to me that Matty has sold his own people down the river--funding Prop 6 to the tune of $31 million, but leaving Prop 5 with a paltry few million. I mean, has anyone seen any TV ads in support of Prop 5 from the Morouns or one of their groups?

Turns out the Morouns are discarding their so-called conservative backers just as quickly as they courted them.

It must be a big disappointment for his followers.