Saturday, September 15, 2012

Traitors within the Gates

The Progressives that sit at Foggy Bottom are directly aiding and abetting their kindred kind, the Muslim Brotherhood.  The Muslim Brotherhood sitting in the Presidency of Egypt needs to generate a policy known as “Two Minutes of Hate” in order to misdirect the Citizenry, who have discovered that nothing has changed since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.

The empty chair apology tour in 2009 to Cairo established the understanding that the Muslim Brotherhood would have a free hand in constructing its secularist Caliphate in the rubble left behind by the falling dictatorial regimes from Morocco to Yemen.

The autocratic rule of the Dictators has been replaced with the autocratic rules of the Muslim Brotherhood that feigns a religiosity to inflame the ill educated, and ill informed useful idiots who are easily persuaded to target the “Great Satan” under any pretext.

The Muslim Brotherhood moves in lock step with the Progressives at Foggy Bottom, and their Maoist sycophant that has made the "empty chair" the symbol of his choreographed apology tour.

These protestations orchestrated by the Muslim Brotherhood throughout the emerging secularist caliphate in the Arab Lands are the political tool to implement the Socialist designed autocracy along the Northern Coast of Africa.

The Muslim Brotherhood is reliant upon the successful implementation of the “Two Minutes of Hate”, which is what we are witnessing when local “useful idiots” are encouraged to assault OUR American Embassies which apparently were left with minimal security assets, which empowered the staged rage that led directly to the murder of Chris Stevens, and three of his Staff Members by a well organized paramilitary assault in Benghazi.

This Machiavellian aspect of Foggy Bottom and the Apology Tour appears to be the political tool implemented to apparently encourage choreographed assaults across the southern shores of the Mediterranean that led directly to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens, and his three Staff Members, wherein the useful idiots are shown on Al Jazeera triumphantly burning the Symbol of America in the streets.

Why the phrase encourage?  Well, as of today, the protestation rolled throughout the “Arab States” from Morocco to Afghanistan, for the Empty Chair stood up and apologized.

When the late Colonel Muammar Qaddafi sent his terror squads on their murderous rampage through Europe in the closing months of 1985 and the final act of bombing the West Berlin discotheque where two Americans were murdered  and 204 patrons were injured, on April 5th, 1986, President Ronald Reagan responded by directly targeting Muammar’s home and hearth nine days later..

The current occupant of the White House responds to the murder of Four Americans in Benghazi on September 11th, 2012 by first apologizing to the Arab World for murdering Christ Stevens and his three staff members, and then jets off to Las Vegas to attend a Fundraiser for his Re-election..

Does anyone now question why the Muslim Brotherhood is not concerned when it sends out their useful idiots, which covers up their paramilitary murderous assaults targeting Americans, and our Embassies throughout the Mideast


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