Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Agenda 21 the Wolf in Sheep's clothing

Recall when we here in America first heard the Progressive and their Media allies starting to chat up “Sustainable Development?  This political rhetoric was moved in concert with America’s so called “Dependence on Foreign Oil”, and our “Wasteful Consumption of Natural Resources”.

What we Americans are not told, is that our liberty loving culture is the free market engine that puts a wrench in the Progressive agenda for their implementation of National Socialism here in the States and across the Globe.

This disingenuous political rhetoric of claiming we in America are wasting natural resources and ruining our natural environment with the consumption of Fossil Fuels leads directly to the United Nation’s Commission on Sustainable Development which is promoted today as Agenda 21.

Agenda 21 is the Progressive political plan for implementing One World Governance under the oppressive political agenda of Socialism.

In order to achieve Agenda 21 the  Progressives need to usurp  Constitutional Limitations by moved by their members who sit within the shadows of both Major Political Parties in Washington D.C under our Federal Capitol Dome.

Read the words of Bertrand Russell, and Bernard Baruch who collectively promoted during the first decades of the 20th Century the ideology of One World Governance wherein Agenda 21 is the contemporaneous political tool being moved to attain that Progressive goal. 

We need to awaken Americans to the deceptive practices written within the Johannesburg Plan for implementing Agenda 21, wherein “Obama care” and the “Green Energy Agenda” are part an parcel of this Progressive political usurpation of Our Liberty here in America.

When one reads through the Johannesburg Plan, they will read a political discourse on how to implement National Socialism on a One World Government Stage.  In order to achieve this Progressive Goal of World Wide Socialism, We the Liberty Loving Americans have to be disposed of Our Substantive Rights to Property.

The Progressives here in America have a history of attempting to circumnavigate the Federal Constitution under the color of the United Nations Charter dating from July 28th, of 1945, when the Federal Senate consented to this Progressively inspired political ruse known as the United Nations.

The Progressive Frank J. Goodnow wrote in his 1911 Social History and the United States Constitution that the Progressive Agenda would be implemented by subverting Constitutional Limitations by moving under the color of Statutory Law.  Agenda 21 is the political tool of the Progressive to perfect their agenda of moving statutory usurpation of Constitutional Limitations by any means.  In this \instance, the Progressives have utilized the United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development.

This United Nations has been the Progressive Platform since its inception at the Plenary Meeting chaired by Alger Hiss in San Francisco on April 25, 1945.

The United Nations is the international political platform of the Progressive used to maneuver unconscionable Treaty Law under the color of Article VI of the Constitution of the United States for the United States of America.

Fortunately as Americans awaken to this fact, they will discover that this Agenda 21 is a political ruse that shall be stopped in our local communities by learning how to assert Our Rights to Property by substantiating the Rule of Law.

Then come every biannual election cycle, we may stand up at the electoral polls and turn out all Federal Senators every two years who support this subversion of OUR singular Property Rights first promoted as Sustainable Development and now standing as “Agenda 21”.

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