Sunday, October 28, 2012

Exposing Matty's "Big Lie"!

The ongoing political war funded by Matty and Matthew Moroun to halt at any cost the construction of a New International Bridge Crossing across the Detroit River here in Michigan is expertly predicated upon a statutory monopolist’s  capitalization of the “Big Lie”

Starting back in February of 2011 the corporate offices of Matty Moroun initiated a choreographed “Big Lie” in order to halt at any cost competition to his statutory monopoly operating as the Detroit International Bridge Company.   The Detroit International Bridge Company is the corporate owner and operator of the statutory monopoly operating as the Ambassador Bridge.

What is overtly omitted in these commercially televised Big Lies, supporting the legal fiction presented as the Constitutional Ballot proposal 12-6, that is single handedly funded by the Corporate Coffers of Matty Moroun’s Detroit International Bridge Company,  is that the Crossing Agreement was “Maneuvered around the People”.

This claim amongst many moved by Matty Moroun and his sycophants sitting in the administrative chair of Americans for Prosperity of Michigan is an overt bold face misstatement of reality and statutory authority.

Our Michigan State Legislature sits as our elected representative.  WE the Qualified Voters have a choice, support legislative decisions, or choose to show our disdain to said action by voting Elected Officers out of Office.  Matty Moroun knows it is near impossible to outright purchase 148 legislative votes, so he has found a way to deliberately deceive Michiganders by promoting his legal fiction presented as Constitutional Ballot Proposal 12-6.

We Michiganders elect our Representative to the State House every two years, and our State Senate every fourth Year, to support our electoral Will.  Sitting as our Representative of Our constitutionally constituted State Republic, our Legislative members enacted a series of legislative authorities dating back to Public Act 7 of 1967 that authenticated Governor Rick Snyder’s Constitutional standing to execute the Crossing Agreement that was signed in accordance to State Law, and will not cost Michigan Taxpayers State Tax dollars.

Matty Moroun’s divisive and sinister designed rhetoric is a well designed political advertising campaign wrapped around one fact; he abhors a free open market of commercial competition.

The proposed international bridge crossing will be managed, funded, constructed, operated and profited by the commercial hands of a private concession

Secondly the 95th Legislature funded an investment grade traffic study that was administratively completed as authorized in compliance to Public Act 116 of 2009 by the Michigan Department of Transportation.

This statutory enactment, Public Act 116 2009 was submitted, signed and implemented when the State Democratic Party controlled the State House of Representatives, and the Executive Office.   The State Senate in the hands of the Republican Majority as usual supported the Democratic initiative with known reservations, yet agreed to the administrative initiative competently completed by the Michigan Department of Transportation.

The resultant legislatively “investment grade traffic study” funded study’s conclusions were that a new International Bridge Crossing was economically feasible and highly desirable.  Apparently Matty Moroun’s Ballot Proposals 6 is predicated on the fact that history has little meaning when the results do not support his political agenda of constitutionally enfranchising his Statutory Monopoly.

The avid supporters of Matty Moroun’s self funded political agenda presented as Ballot Proposal 12-6 collectively and singularly failed to validate the facts as presented by this Statutory Monopolist. The alleged Facts touted by Matty and his minions are well designed legalistic fabrications that stand overtly as the "Big Lie".

Nor do these avid supporters of the Statutory Monopolist’s political agenda moved to constitutionally enfranchise  his statutory monopoly comprehend the reality that the underlying premise touted by Matty and his tens in millions of dollars spent on a well contrived disinformation campaign is based totally on legalistic fabrications.

Matty and his political associate the Director of Americans for Prosperity of Michigan apparently have knowingly moved to misinform Michiganders to achieve a devious and capricious goal, the constitutional usurpation of our Republican State Governance sitting on the Floor of our State Legislature in Lansing.  Matty is attempting to implement the mob rule of Socialism, by expertly moving a well crafted Big Lie.

Public Policy, which the New International Bridge crossing is, is all about supporting the economic vitality of Michigan.  Matty and his minions are all about maintaining his Statutory Monopoly across the Detroit River to Windsor no matter the cost, or the diminutive results such an action will impose upon Michigan, and Michiganders.

Here below is the link to the statutory study that Matty Moroun and his partner in deception Americans for Prosperity of Michigan have failed to share, for this taxpayer funded overview would expose Ballot Proposal 12-6 for what it is, a BIG LIE!

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