Friday, October 19, 2012

Hands off OUR State Constitution

The Ballot Proposals here in Michigan that have been funded by Special Interests are 12-2, 12-3, 12-4, 12-5, and 12-6.   
These Constitutional proposal initiatives have been organized by professional lobbyists who know how to secure funds from Special Interests.  In this instance, we have a Billionaire who single handedly through his corporate structures funded proposal 12-6.

Not to be outdone, the Billionaire’s Son stepped up to provide nearly 99 percent of the Funding for Proposal 12-5.  The Michigan Alliance for Prosperity, who organized Proposal 12-5, artfully proclaims they are a grassroots movement.  Michigan Alliance for Prosperity is managed by a knowledgeable clique of Lobbyists that have direct professional ties with the Cliquish Director of Americans For Prosperity of Michigan.

Proposal 12-4 has been organized, and funded by a non profit entity created apparently for that singular purpose here in Michigan this past April standing as Home Care First Incorporated in East Lansing.

Proposal 12-3 is funded by the Green Energy Lobby whose projects are going bankrupt so they are looking to mislead Michiganders to fund their failed projects.

Finally the Largest Public Sector Union organization here in our State, the Michigan Education Association with its associates funded proposal 12-2 to Constitutionally enfranchise its plundering of OUR PRIVATE WEALTH Ad infinitum.

These five ballot proposals, substantiate the corrupted nature of special interests to overtly misstate fact in order to achieve their pecuniary goals by devious means.  The Financial backers of these Five Constitutional Proposals are out to constitutionally enfranchise their Socialistic ideal of plundering our Private Wealth by constitutional decree.

Proposal 12-3 is 100 percent funded by the Green Energy Lobby, which apparently have feasted upon the OUR PRIVATE WEALTH redistributed by Barrack Hussein Obama and his Side Kick Joe Biden, under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  The funders of this proposal are as follows: GREEN TECH ACTION FUND San Francisco California, NRDC ACTION FUND New York, New York, MI LEA OF CONSERVATION VOTERS Ann Arbor, Michigan, THE REGENERATION PROJECT San Francisco California,, AMERICAN WIND ENERGY ASSN Washington D.C.,, MICHIGAN ENVIRONMENTAL COUNCIL Lansing Michigan,, BLUE GREEN ALLIANCE, Minneapolis Minnesota,  BALLOT INITIATIVE STRATEGY CTR, Washington D.C.. 

These well organized lobbying groups are intent on using our State Constitution to bailout their bankrupt energy scheme.  This Green Energy Scheme is not able to compete in a free and open market. So the promoters need to lock in a Human Capital Resource, and have targeted us here in Michigan to fund their energy scam.

Proposal 12-4 was funded by the HOME CARE FIRST INC in East Lansing to the tune of nearly two million dollars.  Service Employees International Union is using this Proposal to Unionize the local babysitter, and Family members who provide service care for their Friends and Family.  Home Care First Inc was apparently established in April of 2012 to stand as a storefront for this Proposal as a Non Profit Corporation.  In street parlance such a financial storefront is referred to as a “Laundromat”.

Proposal 12.5 was generously funded by Matthew Moroun through his corporate entity known as LIBERTY BELL AGENCY operating out of Warren Michigan to the tune of nearly Four million dollars.  This 2/3 supermajority vote to raise, and or enlarge the State Tax Base is bad public policy.  The unintended consequences will be spiraling local taxation, without State level Tax Repeals.  The tax burden within the Counties, Townships, Villages and Cities will explode.  This is not a grassroots initiative; this is the Machiavellian manipulation of ill informed voters by professional lobbyists who make a living by spending other peoples money, in this instance, spending Matthew Moroun’s Corporate funds.

Proposal 12-6 was directly funded by Matty Moroun through the good offices of his Detroit International Bridge Company and Central Transport Incorporated.  This “People Should Decide” is substantive proof that a Billionaire may manipulate the ill informed to protect his statutory Monopoly.

The last but the greatest scheme of all, Proposal 12-2 was funded by the Michigan Education Association and its associate member collectives here in Michigan using OUR PRIVATE WEALTH extracted from dues paying public sector employees here in Michigan. This Proposal has secured the majority of its funding from our Private Wealth extracted from Public Sector Union Members who predominately work in Public Educational Facilities.   The list of Michigan Education Association’s associates is a Kaleidoscope of the “Usual Suspects” that is so large, and unbelievable, that you have to view the information directly to believe.


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