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Administrative Absolutism, the Tyranny of the Progressives

“Few discoveries are more irritating than those which expose the pedigree of ideas”

John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton, 1878

Here in Michigan, as throughout the American Republic, OUR Liberties as Ordained by God have been suborned under the Progressive Ideology of Administrative Absolutism.

This ideological goal of the Progressives, Administrative Absolutism is a political agenda that is imposed under the color of Statutory Law which by application stands contrary to Constitutional Limitations.  How may the Progressives impose such political subterfuge in plain sight?

Well, this political subterfuge of the Progressives is reliant upon an ill educated populace that matriculates from the Taxpayer Funded propagation centers known to most as “Public Schools”.
“History must be our deliverer not only from the undue influence of other times, but from the undue influence of our own, from the tyranny of environment and the pressures of the air we breathe.”

John Emerich Edward Dalberg, Lord Acton (1834-1902)

In order to impose this political model of National Socialism which is reliant upon Administrative Absolutism, the Progressives have to overtly suborn Constitutional Limitations, which may be imposed by choreographing a Legislative Tyranny to sit under OUR State Capitol Dome here in Lansing!

This imposition of Legislative Tyranny requires a covert political alliance to arise between the Officers we elect to sit first under our State Capitol Dome, and Secondly under the Federal Capitol Dome.  This covert political alliance exists wherein the Progressives openly sit on one side of the legislative Aisle whilst covertly sitting on the other side by claiming allegiance to the principles of a party they overtly breach.

"Political language and with variations, this is true of all political parties, from Conservatives to Anarchists is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind."
George Orwell, "Politics and the English Language", 1946

The Progressives move within the shadows of both Political Parties claiming to be what they are not.  Liberals in the National Democratic Party, and Moderates in the Republican Party, wherein the political reality is they are in reality National Socialists.

This stealthy political ruse known as Republican in Name Only has historically enabled the Progressives to statutorily impose by legislative decree all that defies Constitutional Limitations.

Constitutional limitations are substantiated by standing the Rules of Law. How do the Progressives move their ideology of Administrative Absolutism?  Welcome to the legalistic enactment statutorily defined as the State Plan.  The State Plan is the statutory enactment moved on the legislative floor to suborn the Rule of Law, by implementing the tentacles of the Administrative State under the color of Constitutional Authority.

The Administrative State empowers the rise of Administrative Absolutism.  Administrative Absolutism is the legal land where Public Policy stands in defiance to the Constitutionally constituted Rule of Law.

Dean Roscoe Pound of Harvard Law summarized the rise of what is described and recognized as “Administrative Absolutism” in a 1941 summarization as shared below:

“Even if quite unintended, the majority are moving in the line of administrative absolutism which is a phase of the rising absolutism throughout the world. Ideas of the disappearance of law, of a society in which there will be no law, or only one law, namely that there are no laws but only administrative orders; doctrines that there are no such things as rights and that laws are only threats of exercise of state force, rules and principles being nothing but superstition and pious wish, a teaching that separation of powers is an outmoded eighteenth century fashion of thought , that the common law doctrine of the supremacy of law had been outgrown, and expounding of a public law which is to be a “subordinating law”, subordinating the interests of the individual to those of the public official and allowing the latter to identify one side of a controversy with the public interest and so give it a greater value and ignore the others: and finally a theory that law is whatever is done officially and so whatever is done officially is law and beyond criticism by lawyers - such is the setting in which the proposal of the majority must be seen.” 

“Administrative Procedure Legislation.  For the Minority Report”, American Bar Association Journal XXVI (1941), 664

The political sleight of hand, the rise of Administrative Absolutism is the political enacted tenement utilized by the Progressive to enact their ideological platform of National Socialism under what is statutorily defined as the STATE PLAN.

The State Plan is the antithesis of Constitutional Limitations.  The State Plan arose during the era of the New Deal, here in the lands of the Wolverine when the State Legislature sat an Extraordinary Session held in December of 1936, wherein Public Act 1 of 1936 was enacted which commingled State and Federal Legislation to implement the first stages of taxpayer subsidized administrative bureaucracy to manage the redistribution of OUR Private Wealth as “Public Welfare”.

The State and Federal Constitution limits the REACH of officers elected to, and appointed within, the Public Trust.  Unfortunately since the rise of the Progressives who are the progeny of the Radical Republicans, Constitutional Governance has been suborned under the color of statutory enactments statutorily defined as the State Plan.

These Statutory Enactments empower an Administrative State that is the end result of a Progressive choreographed Legislative Tyranny radiating from the floors of OUR Legislatures sitting under OUR State and Federal Capitol Dome.

The Progressive ideological objective is the establishment of the omnipotent Bureaucratic State of Administrative Absolutism, which was recently referenced by Newt Gingrich as Bureaucratic Socialism during the Republican Presidential Primary in 2012.

Here in Michigan members of our State Legislature have shown their willingness to support Administrative Absolutism.  The most prominent statute imposed to enlarge the state of administrative absolutism, is House Bill 4714, which is known as “Medicaid Expansion”.

This specific State Plan enacted as Public Act 107 of 2013, amends the original enacted State Plan, Public Act 280 of 1939.  Public Act 107 of 2013 is aptly named “Medicaid Expansion” for the progressive goal is to expand the reach of the Administrative State under the legal fiction of providing for the “Welfare of the People”.

The reality of this specific legislation Public Act 280 of 1939 was the imposition of excise taxes on Michigan Businesses owners and their employees to fund the General Fund of the United States, and Lansing.  This was the State Legislature enactment to statutorily impose “Social Security” as a fiscal means to fund the General Fund of the State and Federal Legislative bodies with OUR Private Wealth.

Public Act 280 of 1939, as is Public Act 107 of 2013 was enacted to expand the reach of governance by the creation of administrative agencies that control private enterprise by Taxation.  

This Fiscal enactment Public Act 280 of 1939, as does the current amendatory enactment Public Act 107 of 2013 supports the growth of what Roscoe Pound properly addressed as Administrative Absolutism.

The Progressive agenda has everything do to with suborning Constitutional Limitations by expanding the Administrative State under the color of statutory enactments.

When a State legislature moves a legislative fiat that statutorily compels Citizens to lay supine under Fiscal enactments that exact private wealth to be redistributed by administrative officers, you have the definition of National Socialism.

National Socialism is a government of Administrative Absolutism, where this is no “Rule of Law”.  The capricious actions of the State labeled as its “Public Policy” are imposed by administrative action that subsequently becomes the politically enacted Legislative Tyranny moved to suppress OUR Liberties as Ordained by God.

This Legislative Tyranny sits heavy upon our liberties under the misnomer of “Welfare”. Welfare is a statutory creation that moves as Public Policy from within the multiplicity of Administrative Agencies created by legislative fiat, popularly known as the Alphabet Soup Groups on the State and Federal Level.

“Welfare” is a statutorily enacted legal fiction that is the Progressive agenda implemented as Public Policy which is the foundation for Administrative Absolutism. 

Public Policy is the root action for subordinating Our God Given Unalienable rights which empowers the arbitrary and capricious legal fiction that stands as Administrative Absolutism.  Administrative Absolutism is moved as This State’s Public Policy which is the end result of the Legislative Tyranny radiating from under OUR State Capitol Dome here in Lansing.

A man is none the less a slave because he is allowed to choose a new master once in a term of years. Neither are people less slaves because permitted periodically to choose new masters.
What makes them slaves is the fact that they now are, and are always hereafter to be, in the hands of men whose power over them is, and always is to be, absolute and irresponsible.
Lysander Spooner (1808-1887)

We have one choice; here in lands of the Wolverine come this electoral season in 2014.  We need to change the face of OUR State Legislature, by ousting these Progressives who sit on both sides of the Legislative Aisle from where for generations this stealthy political clique has successfully enlarged the takings of OUR God Given Liberty under the guise of providing for “The Peoples Welfare”.

 There is not greater Tyranny, then that which is perpetrated under the shield of law and in the name of Justice.

Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu


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