Saturday, October 27, 2012

Bags of Money for a Monopoly

The Director of Americans for Prosperity of Michigan has deliberately misled his membership in order to secure the funding of Matty Moroun.
Americans for Prosperity of Michigan should be renamed so all shall know that this organization has been overtly corrupted by the insatiable political greed of one man, its Director.  Americans for Prosperity of Michigan should henceforth be known as Matty Moroun's Monopoly Action Committee.

When one contributor stands up to pay for the administrative cost of the organization in order to knowingly avoid regulatory financial reports, it becomes apparent that the Director's personal agenda has nothing to do with achieving neither Liberty nor economic vitality for Michigan.

The result of this political alliance for Funding is that Americans for Prosperity of Michigan is knowingly misleading Michigan Voters by falsely stating the facts about the Ballot Proposal 12-6.

Ballot Proposal 12-6 is all about empowering the Business Monopoly of the Billionaire Bridge Owner Matty Moroun.  Monopolies are odious restrictions upon a free market,

In this instant case, the Matty Moroun’s business monopoly is the Ambassador Bridge wherein 30 percent of North America’s trade flows across on eight thousand trucks 24 hours a day.  Matty’s insatiable monopoly charges the highest bridge tolls on these 8000 transaction a day, to the point that his spending of a mere 20 million dollars to maintain his statutory monopoly is written off as an operating expense.

Matty Moroun does not how to compete in a free and unfettered market across the Detriot River.

So when confronted with the Prospect of competition this shrewd monopolist Matty Moroun moves to outfight purchase political support by opening up his corporate checkbook to fund a political lobby.  In this instance, that is Americans for Prosperity of Michigan, whose actions betray a free market, as the Director encourages his membership to pander for a statutorily enfranchised business monopoly.  

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