Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Secretary of State Ruth Johnson awaits a decision from the Director of Elections Christopher Thomas about the shenanigans of House Member Roy Schmidt, and Speaker of the House Jase Bolger here in Michigan.

Well Madam Secretary Will you and Director Christopher Thomas allow Melissa Malerman to issue one of her infamous determinations that states, yes there were violations of State Election Law, but what the heck it was all just a “misunderstanding”

Or will Ms. Malerman dally around for four months till after the Primary and issue her infamous declaration that the Secretary of State’s office shall attempt to solve known VIOLATIONS OF THE LAW informally?

This unbelievable ruse was used by Melissa Malerman to excuse the Election Law Violations of the former Muskegon Drain Commissioner Martin Hulka in Muskegon County back in 2008.

Ms. Malerman had determined YES Martin Hulka had willfully violated State Election Law. But hey, what the heck, he lost the primary. So, what the hey, since Martin Hulka lost the Primary to paraphrase Ms. Malerman violations of State law is okay with her, as long as you are an elected official.

NO this commentator is not making the commentary up, no one may make up such an outlandish statement. No you have to be an Election Law Specialist working for Director Christopher Thomas in the Bureau of Elections like Melissa Malerman to present such nonsense.

Here is Melissa’s Malerman’s administrative reasoning why breaking State Election law is okay here in Michigan, as long as you are an Elected Office Official as quoted from Lyn Moore’s Article in the Muskegon News from November 21, 2008:

“"The department is cognizant that Mr. Hulka will not remain the county's drain commissioner beyond the expiration of his current term, and thus further violations are not likely to occur," wrote Melissa Malerman, the administrative law examiner.”

Note the phrase “Further violations are not likely to occur”.

So in the Alice in Wonderland world of the Bureau of Elections, violations of State Election law are fine as long as you are an Elected Official who in this instant case lost his primary race in August of 2008.

Hard to believe that known violations of Election Law by elected officials is fine with Melissa Malerman? Well ask the incumbent Ionia County Clerk, whose election law violations were determined to be a “misunderstanding” by Melissa Malerman.

So to date, Roy Schmidt, and Jase Bolger’s “mischievousness” have been excused by the Kent County Prosecutor Bill Forsyth. This political sleight of hand decision issued by the Kent County Prosecutor has apparently cleared the way for an election law specialist such as Melissa Malerman to continue whitewashing what more and more appears to be known violations of State Election Law..

So in the end of this “administrative process” currently sitting in the Office of Christopher Thomas, Roy Schmidt and Jase Bolger more than likely will soon be reminiscing in the 97th Legislature about how they suffered a few weeks of bad press in the summer of 2012 about their mischievous “misunderstandings” that apparently violated the State Election Law.

But what the heck, it was all just a “misunderstanding”, eh Melissa Malerman?

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