Sunday, August 12, 2012

"Stop Electing Idiots"

We American State Citizens need to stand up this coming first Tuesday of November 2012 and put our Federal Governance back squarely within Constitutional Limitations. 

We shall accomplish this fact by knowing well, there are 435 House member Seats and 33 Senatorial Seats that we American State Citizens may directly influence on the First Tuesday of November 2012.

We need to stand carefully to support Principled Statesmen who know well the Best Government is the Government that Governs the Least.

It is the responsibility of US the American State Citizens to put the Governance squarely within Constitutional Limitations, which we shall do by holding elected officials accountable directly by stepping around the filter of the Yellow Journalists that sit with their Notebooks spinning the facts to promote the “Big Lie”.

Far too many American State Citizens are lulled into accomplished complacency finding fault with the successful candidates, in lieu of standing up after the election is over, to  hold the Elected members of OUR Legislature accountable to constitutional limitations.

WE have to stand up on the First Tuesday of November and let the coming 113th Congress KNOW WELL we will no longer tolerate the Progressives to creep out from their dark shadows come January 3rd 2013 to command the Congressional Leadership to move forward ever increasing levels of Regulatory Taxation under the Political Shield of the “Debt Ceiling”.

This requires US the American State Citizen to constantly stay involved by overtly exposing the Progressives who know how to lurk within the shadows of the GOP, whilst they openly stand in the National Democratic Party upon the floors of OUR State and Federal Legislatures.

The Progressives have successfully politicked on the “Big Lie” since the days of the accidental Presidency of the First Progressive, on September 14th, 1901,  knowing full well that their sinister tax and spend regulatory programs will be propped up as carrying for the poor, the Infirmed, the Children, the Widow, the Pensioner, and the Blind in the yellow journals of Newsprint, and Broadcast Television..

This is evidenced by recalling the 2008 Presidential Run, which enlarged the Progressive hold on the 111th Congress.  What far too many Americans DO NOT KNOW, is that the 110th Congress was controlled by the Progressives starting on January 3rd, 2009.

Yet the BIG LIE to this very day moved is that it is all Bush’s Fault.  George W. Bush was complacent to the Progressive Agenda, which is OUR fault for not standing up prior to 2009 when reality hit home and Americans spontaneously awoke to the Progressively designed “Big Lie”.

Meanwhile the Progressive agenda keeps plodding forward imposing their policies of National Socialism upon an ill informed electorate here in the American Republic

We need to continue looking behind the Political Curtain to expose the suave hand of the Yellow Journalist legacy that has championed the Progressive ideology since the day that the Theodore Roosevelt first sat as the Commissioner of the New York City Police Department. 

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