Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Drive in Movie on a February Morning

A history forgotten was the Federal Government’s legislative response to the Arab Oil embargo in October of 1973.

The advent of the “Yom Kippur War” encourages the Oil Cartel, the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries to EMBARGO shipments to Israeli Allies.

The legislative response by the Federal Congress to this energy crisis was to change the time of day, by Federal Enactment. Daylight Savings Time was imposed for ten months throughout 1974, and eight months throughout 1975. Under political pressure from the State’s the buffoons who enacted this nonsensical response repealed the legislation in late 1975.

The commons sense response would have been then to expand domestic oil production, yet the Progressive who dominated the Federal Legislature responded by changing the time of day by legislative fiat.

One of the results of this legislation was the promotion by Disc Jockey Dick Purtan here in Detroit to open the Oak Drive in Theater at 7 am on a very cold snow ground laden day on February 9th, 1974. The promotion was to expose the absurdity of the extended use of Daylight Savings Time in the middle of a winter in Michigan.

The unexpected result was the nearly 2000 car loads of early risers showing up to the Oak Drive in Movie Theater. The lot could only accommodate 400 automobiles as the drive in movie lot was covered in snow.

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