Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Profitable Eight Hour Day

Henry Ford knew a worker paid well would be productive. It was Henry Ford, not Union Shop Bosses that first paid HIS factory workers five dollars a day for an eight hour shift.

Henry Ford inaugurated this high pay eight hour day labor program on January 1, 1914.

Productivity climbed and the turnover of hourly employees in the Ford Plant labor force diminished. The 1914 hourly workers were NOT TAXED on their earnings, nor were they coerced by State statute to subsidize the politics and private life style of a Union Executive Committee.

Five dollars for an eight shift is 62.5 cents per hour. IN today's dollars adjusted for inflation using an ounce of gold as the economic measure, would be the equivalent of earning 50.79 dollars per hour. The Union Leadership and their Progressive Political allies have enacted a series of fiscal exactions since the "success" of the sit down strike in the General Motor plants in Flint in 1937.

This forty two day occupation of private property empowered the United Auto Worker’s Union Executive Committee to live off the sweat of others by promising all Union Members “benefits". These Unionized “benefits” have become the diminishing promise to retirees and current working members of the UAW.

The result is plain to see in every paycheck. Today the average coerced unionized worker looses first 30 percent to the income tax, and then is coerced to pay the union dues. Over thirty-five percent of the private Unionized Worker’s daily earnings are confiscated by an alliance between Progressives who populate the Legislature and the Union’s Executive Committee.

When the current "assured union wage" of 28.92 an hour is adjusted for inflation it equates to half of what Henry Ford Paid his non unionized work force in 1914 for an eight hour day. So what has the United Auto Workers provided the unionized worker? The answer is obvious; indentured servitude in support of the Progressives who populate both political parties and the Union Executive Committee from where they all have collectively turned productivity and wealth accumulation into the “Evils of Capitalism".

Detroit's once robust auto plants are now ghosts towns and the United Auto Workers Union has turned to organizing public sector employees here in Lansing, as the Private Unionized work force has fallen to less than seven percent of hourly workers throughout the United States of America.

This factual point substantiates the UAW Executive leadership is willing to abandon the private sector labor force as it appears it is more profitable to contractually pillage the public employee labor force to fund the growing cost of their political and private life style.

What the United Auto Worker Executive Leadership and the current administration sitting in the White House fail to disclose is the "Auto Bailout" was for UAW Unionized plants only. The southern auto Makers, who manage non Unionized Plants, did not need OUR REDISTRIBUTED PRIVATE WEALTH to keep their factory doors open.

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