Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Progressive Despotism

The Progressives sitting in the 114th Congress manipulate the leadership within Our Federal House of Representatives and Senate whilst hiding behind the claim that they may stand as a Republican, and or Democratic.

The Progressives care not for what political party they may claim allegiance within, as long as they stand under the Federal Capitol Dome.

The National Democratic Party membership no longer hides its Progressive Ideology. The leadership of the National Democratic Party boldly stands their ideological driven preference for standing National Socialism as public policy under the color of law.

The National Republican party members who cling to the Progressive ideology hide within the shadows, yet their political actions expose them for what they refuse to proclaim themselves to be, and are readily identified as Republican In Name Only.

IN the past 115 years dating from the accidental Presidency of the First Progressive President Theodore Roosevelt the Progressives have successfully suppressed the Constitutionalists by allying with the Yellow Journalists. The Yellow Journalists today are better known to quote a Famous Conservative Radio host, as the “Drive by Media”.

The Yellow Journalists preyed on the base desires of an ill-informed reading Citizenry that populated the ever expanding urban landscape during the latter days of the 19th Century which enabled the Progressives to perfect their political standing within the Federal and State legislatures during the first three decades of the Twentieth Century.

The Progressives rose to political prominence by preying upon an ill-informed Citizenry awed by the modern marvels that spurred the economic dynamics of the ever expanding urban landscape. Once safety ensconced under the State and Federal Capitol Domes the Progressive political class put all educational authority within their legislative hands from primary schools to the University.

The Progressives were schooled in the post Civil War Radical Republicans political philosophy of National Socialism. The “intellectual progressive” Thomas Woodrow Wilson rewrote American History in 1902 wherein he championed the Radical Republicans’ political ideology of National Socialism, which was renamed Progressivism.

Frank J. Goodnow wrote in 1911 that the Progressive ideology would not work within the Constitutional Limitations of the Federal Governance. His solution was to promote the judicial usage of Stare Decisis.

Now the stage was set, wherein the Progressives aggressively and overtly subverted Constitutional limitations by moving under the color of statutory laws.

The result is what we suffer today. The rise of the Progressive political class subverted the Constitutionally Constituted Rule of Law, which enabled the Progressives to turn the Privilege of Public Service into a “professional career” whose legacy is best described as political thuggery funded by Legislative Plunder.

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