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The Health Care Monopoly, Medicaid

There are many reasons why the cost of health care has escalated here in Michigan, and throughout our Great Republic.

The two most dramatic elements that have turned private health care upside down, is  the Unionization of the State Administered and Private Health Care Facilities Work Force, coupled in parallel with the Nationalization of Health Care Services for a specified group of statutory beneficiaries under the Great Societies’ legislation known as Medicare.

The two most dramatic elements that have turned private health care upside down, is  the Unionization of the State Administered and Private Health Care Facilities Work Force, coupled in parallel with the Nationalization of Health Care Services for a specified group of statutory beneficiaries under the Great Societies’ legislation known as Medicare.

The advent of Medicare, and its State implemented authority known as Medicaid put Government Bureaucrats between the Patient and the Health Care Professionals.

The first overt act was Government Bureaucrats would DICTATE the remuneration for services provided patients that fall within their administrative oversight under the Medicaid program in the State, and Medicare at the Federal level.

The State Medicaid Program runs under the direct administrative oversight of the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.  This is the result of an ill informed State Legislative Assembly enacting commingling legislation that statutorily redistributes OUR Private Wealth to a specific segment of the State’s Citizenry by administrative decree.

Then there is the little known payola known as Medicare Health Maintenance Organizations.  The Federal regulated Medicare Health Maintenance Organization and Private subscription Health Maintenance Organizations pays a set fee to the Medical Servicer facilities, and Practitioners that participate in this payola scheme.  The Health Care Service Providers are PAID a flat fee not for seeing patients, but for first being paid a “retainer” to be a “contractual provider” of POTENTIAL health care services.

Have you ever wondered why Medical Practitioners schedule time out over weeks, in lieu of immediate visits?  Well, when you are paid by the Federal Regulated Health Maintenance Organization NOT SEE TO PATIENTS why bother with new patients in the private sector?  Read through Title 42 Chapter IV  Subchapter B Part 417 Subpart A Section 417.1

Then you may consider reading through the following, with the factual knowledge, that nearly 52 million Americans of all ages fall within this statutory contractually implemented Health Care Service system that is best defined as Nationalized Health Care.  Title 42 CFR Chapter IV, Subchapter B - MEDICARE PROGRAM

The problem with escalating health care cost, is not originating in the Private sector.  It is the reaction of a once Private free enterprise system being cannibalized under the false promises of Taxpayer Funded Administrative Bureaucracies whose concern is their Agency Funding, and the next taxpayer funded seminar in Las Vegas.

In 1945, the Federal Legislature moving under the color of regulating “Interstate Commerce” enacted the McCarran-Ferguson Act of 1945 currently codified in Title 15 U.S.C.A. Chapter 20.

This Federal enactment moving under the Court Dicta of Wickard v. Filburn, 317 U.S. 111 (1942),  empowered the States to statutorily limit the Number of Insurance Companies that would be permitted do to business within the exterior boundaries of the State.

This statutory limitation artificially increases the Cost of Health Care Insurance to Consumers, for WE are compelled by State Law to purchase from a LIMITED POOL of providers operating a statutory monopoly gratis of OUR Elected State Legislative Membership.  This Federal Enactment followed by local law enacted by the State Legislature in essence was the first covertly operated “Health Care Exchange”.  Read through the State Campaign Financial Reports filed by the Michigan State Legislative membership and note who receives funds from Licensed Insurance Health Care Providers.

The Health Care Exchange as proposed here in the Lands of the Wolverine is another Bureaucratic laden regulatory falsity being promoted as a solution to a governmental designed failure.

In lieu of lifting the statutory restriction on Insurance Carriers in Michigan the Legislative Leadership sitting under OUR Capitol Dome in Lansing, would rather pander to a closed market, under the Progressive Euphemism statutorily defined as the “Health Care Exchange”.

This so called Health Care Exchange is by definition a statutory application to limit by statute, the market makers for Health Care Insurance to legislatively favored providers, which will by application result in HIGHER PREMIUM COSTS and reduced access to patient services! 

This statutory scheme is best described as Funding for Failure.  Why funding for Failure?  Well, we have ill informed legislative members who have no historical understanding how their predecessors created this problem by statutory enactment whilst sitting under our State Capitol Dome in Lansing.

Go ask State Legislative members why they tolerate the statutory limitation that favors the Monopolistic marketing by  Health Care Insurance providers here in Michigan?  One would think State legislative members were cognizant to the Constitutional Rule of Law which limits the reach of State and Federal Governance.  Unfortunately far too many members in Michigan’s 96th Legislature believe that THEY HAVE the statutory right to limit the market place by creating the legal fiction statutorily defined as the Health Care Exchange.

What Next, how about a Food Store Exchange, wherein the Legislature will pick the Food Chains that will be allowed to operate here in Michigan?

Michigan State Citizens along with millions of other American State Citizens do not comprehend that the State Legislatures created this health care cost escalation that leads directly to the degradation of Medical Services access by limiting Health Care Insurance Providers with Statutory fiat.

This is known as Monopolistic Capitalism, which is taught in academia from Grade School to the University as the “Evil Capitalist” System.

The system of Monopolistic Capitalism is empowered by statutory decree enacted by the State Legislature, which is known as Fascism.  This monopolistic system of limiting the access to the market place by statutory decrees by an operation of law, the political ideology defined as National Socialism.

When the Nine Authorized Health Insurance Providers here in Michigan are the only Health Care Underwriters in Town, they control the market place, and arbitrarily decree the remuneration paid for services inclusive of the type of medical services coverage offered.

The proposed Health Care Exchange will limit this number to less than the current nine, with the proviso that said “competitors” may be statutorily assured of a predetermined profit margin, which by application will lead directly to spiraling increases in health Care Insurance Premiums, and limitations to Health Care services provided to Patients classified as to Age, and Aliment.  This is known as the “Death Panel” scenario, which starts with the implementation of the “Health Care Exchange”.

The Political manipulation of the term “Pre existing conditions” is the result of NO COMPETITION in the Heath Care Insurance market place.  If the market place was open to all comers, rest assured there would a Health Insurance Service provider known as PRE EXIST Health Insurance.

The Constitutional solution to his health care morass is simple.  The repeal of all statutory restrictions on the market place, which will then enable a FREE UNFETTERED MARKET, historically recognized in the business model as Laissez-faire, where Health Care Services cost, and along with the cost of Health Insurance products offered will plummet as the market expands.

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