Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Health Care Monopolies are Terminal care . . .

The solution to Health Care services is to take government completely out of the equation.  

Here in the lands of the Wolverine we need to repeal the “Certificate of Need” Part 222 of Public Act 368 of 1978, This “Certificate of Need” is Progressive double speak to empower local health care services monopolies.

Monopolies corrupt the market place, for the monopolist has no need to be concerned about either service, or price.  All the service provider needs to carry is the limited liability insurance to cover the expected errors and omissions that arise in a service arena that is not reliant upon a competitive business model.

Mike Shirkey the sitting Chair of the Michigan Competitiveness Committee is very aware that Allegiance Health’s monopolist marketplace is predicated in part on the Certificate of Need”.  So when Mike, sitting as the Chair, rammed HB 4714 first through the Committee, and then as the assistant majority floor leader in the Committee of Whole, he knew well as a sitting Board Member and past Board Chairman for “Allegiance Health” care systems, said entity would profit in a statutorily closed marketed place, defined as a “Monopoly” with the expansion of Medicaid.

Allegiance Health had 401 million dollars of gross receipts in 2011 that was annotated on its’ Internal Revenue Service Form 990 filed by this 501c (3) “non profit institution” and managed to paper document a two million dollar loss!

This expansion of Medicaid does not provide access to health care.  Expansion of Medicaid does provide the Department of Community Health the administrative ability to expand Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations client pool that is currently under contractual hands of a select few Medical Care Service Providers and their labor pool of state regulated professional personnel.

Health Maintenance Organizations pay practitioners not to see patients, which first limits the market place for why expand services, when one is paid not to!  Then you may consider reading through the following, with the factual knowledge, that nearly 57 million Americans of all ages fall within this statutory contractually implemented Health Care Service system that is best defined as Nationalized Health Care.  Title 42 CFR Chapter IV, Subchapter B - MEDICARE PROGRAM

The end result is a specific market place regulated by the will and whim of OUR Legislative Body sitting in Lansing, that encourages by design overpriced services paid by third parties, wherein the primary party, the customer is encouraged to roll into the emergency room for a misquote bite.

Then the Monopolists, the Lobbyists, and the Progressives who sit under OUR State “Capitol Dome” in Lansing shout loudly for more regulatory expansion subsidized by our Private Wealth for the emergency rooms are overwhelmed.

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