Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Tyranny of Statism Exposed

Over in the Michigan Competitiveness Committee of the House the “Gang of Four” allied with the minority caucus to force House Bill 4714 to the Committee of the Whole.  The “Gang of Four” were elected as Republicans, yet sit on the Floor of the House as opportunistic Progressives.

The “Gang of Four”, Chairman Mike Shirkey, Vice-Chairman Ken Yonker, Frank Foster, and Dave Pagel, sitting on the House Competitiveness Committee, have shown they lack Constitutional comprehension and lack principles of leadership.

These Four House Members do not stand on the Principles of Limited Government, and have shown that fact by betraying the voters in their House District that enabled them to sit in an Office of the Public Trust as Republicans.  A Public Trust they use not for the Principles of Limited Government, but quite apparently to advance the Statist Agenda.

This action of the “Gang of Four” then allowed 24 fellow Travelers all hiding their progressive agenda under their Republican Hats, to force House Bill 4714 through the Committee of the Whole by aligning with the Minority Caucus.  This was three less “Republicans” than those who supported the previous governmental expansion legislation House Bill 4111

WE now know the sitting House Republican majority Caucus has a subset Progressive majority claiming to be House Republicans, who knowingly march lockstep on behalf of Barack Hussein Obama's agenda of Statism here in the lands of the Wolverine.

When the Chair of the Michigan Competitiveness Committee was questioned on his devious political maneuvering on HB 4714, he boldly proclaimed he does not take Marching order from the “Tea Party”.  What was left unsaid by the Chairman was that he does take marching orders behind closed doors from the Majority Caucus’s Progressive majority.

These State House Republicans showed their Progressive colors when they supported first HB 4111, and subsequently the passage of HB 4714 in the Committee of the Whole.

Now we are confronted with the Progressive led support of Roger Kahn who supports, along with his known fellow travelers in the Majority Caucus of OUR State Senate the largest governmental expansion of bureaucratic reach in the History of Michigan, Obamacare under the misnomer of “Medicaid Expansion”.

Roger Kahn, who secured his seat by claiming to be a “Republican”, will not stand for reelection due to term limits, so he suffers not politically for his Progressive ideology for expanding Government no matter what the cost is to Michiganders who ultimately will foot the bill if this Medicaid Expansion reaches the desk of our Governor.

So, Roger has no political concerns for exposing his Progressive ideology, yet as a Medical Doctor, his professional  history is invested in the greater Saginaw Covenant Health System.  His personal political push for Medicaid Expansion substantiates his credential, not as a Republican standing for Limited Government, but as the Progressive knowingly moving the Statist Agenda whilst sitting in the Majority Caucus under OUR Capitol Dome in Lansing.

It is time we remind all elected members of OUR State House in Lansing, who won their seat on the Republican Ticket, that they stand on the principles of Limited Government, or we will work hard to see that they sit upon the curbs of political history come the next primary election cycle in 2014.

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