Friday, July 19, 2013

Legislative Plunder Progressive Style, Medicaid Expasion

Here in the lands of the Wolverine, Speaker of the State House of Representatives Jase Bolger, and Chairman of the Michigan Health Competitiveness Committee Mike Shirkey are supporting the redistribution of three billion dollars of OUR private wealth to fund their favored 501(c) (3) and State owned Health Care Services Providers under the guise of “Healthy Michigan”. 

“Healthy Michigan” is Progressive double speak for enlarging the size of State government to support Obama Care’s Medicaid Expansion.

Jase Bolger and Mike Shirkey claim to be Republicans, yet we recognize them for what they truly shall be Progressive Republicans, best defined as Republican in Name Only.

One of the many health care service entitles that will become a beneficiary of OUR redistributed Private wealth if Medicaid Expansion is imposed here in the lands of the Wolverine, will be Allegiance Health systems sitting in Jackson where Mike Shirkey was the former Board Chairman. 

Allegiance Health corrals over 401 million dollars a year in gross receipts annually, which bodes the questions why are Mike, and Jase along with their 27 fellow Republican in Name Only cronies working so hard to force “Medicaid Expansion” , House Bill 4174 on Michigan Taxpayers?  Medicaid Expansion is a statutory necessity in order for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, OBAMA-CARE to stand here in the American Republic.

One of the three billion dollar reasons why the Progressive here in Michigan are working so hard to impose this Socialistic Program is simple.  Under this statutory program, known as Medicaid Expansion, upwards of three billion dollars of OUR private wealth exacted from Michiganders would be directly ladled out to these Privately operated 501(c)(3) and State owned Health Care Service providers extracted from OUR Pockets under the misnomer of “Healthy Michigan”?

More and more it is becoming very apparent that “Healthy Michigan” is about supporting the “Fiscal Health” of health care systems, not to see patients, but to redistribute our private wealth to the chosen few.  To paraphrase the words from George Orwell’s Animal Farm, here in the lands of the Wolverine, Some Health Care Service providers are more equal than others.

How is three billion dollars of our private wealth ladled out here in Michigan?  Well, there are currently 1.8 million Michiganders sitting under the State Insurance taxpayer funded program known as the Department of Community Health.

The Department of Community Health outsources it’s funding, minus its working capital, to contracted health care service providers through Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations.  Medicaid Health Maintenance Organizations contract health care service providers to receive billions a year in Michigan not to see their taxpayer insured “patients”.

Now Mike Shirkey, and Jase Bolger want to increase the outlay by billions more, not to provide health care, but to directly redistribute billions of OUR private wealth exacted from Michiganders to directly fund health cares service provider NOT TO SEE more taxpayer funded “patients”.

This is why Mike Shirkey is using his position in the public trust, and currently as a “humble board member” of Allegiance Health, to maneuver  House Bill 4714 through OUR State Senate in Lansing.

Mike Shirkey and his fellow legislative supporters in OUR State House of Representatives in Lansing, are intent on funding one big ongoing payola before they leave public office to be ladled out ad infinitum to their favorite charities like Allegiance Health, and the other such 501(c)(3) and State government managed health cares services operations throughout Michigan.

During the Ancien RĂ©gime in France, this Progressive public policy of tax and take, was known for what it is, “Legislative Plunder”.
We have one choice, and that is to stop this political plundering of our Private Wealth by directly engaging OUR State Senators sitting under OUR State Capitol Dome in Lansing.

We need to stand up to inform OUR Elected Officials sitting in OUR State Senate to shut this nonsensical legislative plundering known here as House Bill 4714 down permanently by VOTING NO on Medicaid Expansion.

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