Thursday, March 28, 2013

Political Jesters

House Bill 4111 was passed in the State House of Representatives in Lansing on or about February 28th, 2013 due directly to the Republican Leadership Caucus intentionally misleading ILL INFORMED House members.

OUR elected house members sitting on the both sides of the aisle, the “infamous 78” inclusive of 29 House Republicans, who voted for this political funding bill apparently failed to comprehend the nature of the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act which enabled them to support the “Big Lie”.

The Big Lie was that if the State legislature failed to enact this funding provision for enabling the establishment of a State chartered computerized health care exchange was that the Federal Congress would walk across our State’s Border and put it in place.

Well first off, no Federal law, except for Direct Taxation has the ability to coerce the State polity, and Citizens to comply.

Secondly, if anyone chose to read the 955 pages of the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act they would readily note the Federal statutory term of art “State Plan”.

The State Plan first appears in federal legislation as it relates to welfare in the Income Tax Act dated from August 14th, 1935, as Amended on August 10th, 1939.

Here in Michigan, the First State plan enacted under the provision of this aforementioned Federal enactment was Public Act 1 of 1936 during a “Special Session”. The premise for this state enactment was to assure  the State General Fund would secure “Federal Funds” which would create a new layer of State Bureaucratic Jobs that would directly chip away at the Liberty of Michiganders from where the newly enfranchised state employees would implement the socialistic controls over the labor market here in the lands of the Wolverine.

Then as of now, Public Act 1 of 1936 was enacted not for the good of the Michiganders, but to fund the State General Fund with Federal Tax Dollars and consequently expand the reach of the Bureaucratic State here in Michigan, best described as Socialism.

This relentless march to Socialism was given another boost in 1939, after the amendment of the Federal Enactment dated from August 14th, 1934, that enabled the State Legislature to expand their reach for Federal Tax Dollars under Public Act 280 of 1939.

These Two Public Acts over three years enabled the State Legislature to reach out for Federal bobbles which subsequently led to  the exponential growth of the Bureaucratic State which is politically defined as National Socialism.

That legacy of encroaching National Socialism is not Michigan’s alone to bear, as the “New Deal” fundamentally transformed America under the color of statutory enactments first at the Federal Level, and secondly within the State’s exterior boundaries when the Legislative Body sitting under the State Capitol Domes enacted the Federal term of art “State Plan”.

We suffer the insufferable here in Michigan, for we have tolerated the existence of the Socialistic State. The Socialistic State is a political system imposed under the color of statutory law which is totally reliant to quote Rush Limbaugh, upon those he aptly defined as the “low information voter”.

The Senate Fiscal Agency Bill Analysis submission substantiates how easily it is to manipulate the low informed elected officers who sit under our State Capitol Dome.

As we discovered here in Lansing  under our State Capitol there sits in the 97th Legislature a willing support pool of 29 Republican house members best described as “Low Information Voters” who move in lock step without questions to support the ever expanding design of State sponsored Socialism.

This issue on House Bill 4111 NOW sits silently in the State Senate in Lansing, where the Republican leadership is reliant upon the “Two Week” rule.

The Two Week Rule is the audacious political maneuver wherein generally as a rule controversial measures are readily forgotten when the compliant print and video news media move on to more titillating story lines to such local “newsworthy” items as violent mayhem which may, as arrogantly stated according to the talking heads, will all go away when the elected polity enacts draconian “Gun Control Laws”.

Recall the “Feral Pigs” administrative enactments from last April 2012, which directly enabled the State Department of Agriculture to arbitrarily and capriciously label a private agriculture commodity as a ‘Feral Pig”. Then upon this nonsensical administrative determination, the Department happily sent out swarms of officers to eat out the sustenance of Michigander’s who happened to be raising Pigs on their Private Property!

The State Senate in Lansing did move on House Bill 4111, where in the Republican caucus Leadership quietly set it aside pending the Two Week Easter Break.

We here in the grassroots stopped this bill only temporarily in the State Senate. We need to terminate the standing of House Bill 4111 with extreme political prejudice, by reminding the State Republican Caucuses sitting in the Senate chamber that the two week rule will no longer sustain their backroom presidium that is reliant upon a Low Informed Voter sitting on the State Senate Floor. 

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Jason Gillman said...


And you are correct, and it was affirmed by the SCOTUS " no Federal law, except for Direct Taxation has the ability to coerce the State polity, and Citizens to comply. "

good work