Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Liberty comes at the cost of Eternal Vigilance

First the Federal Supreme Court DID NOT DETERMINE THE Constitutionality of the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act.  The Bench issued a judicial decree “interpreting” a vague and voidable statutory enactment in order to dismiss litigation under what is best stated as “a failure to state a claim upon which shall be granted”!
The instant case, National Federation of Independent Businesses v Sebelius, Secretary of Health and Human Services was dismissed for failure to state a claim upon which relief shall be granted.

The 193 pages of Case dicta is a judicial masquerade written to deceptively and expertly to mislead those who have no comprehension as to how the Progressives use the Judicial Bench to subvert Constitutional limitations under the color of a Judicial Decree.

Secondly, the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act rides exclusively on the backside of the Revenue Act of August 14th, 1935, as subsequently amended to include Medicaid on or about July 30th, of 1965.

The “taxing” nature of imposing an exaction for failure to purchase a consumer product upon an “Individual” is first reliant upon the Brushaber decision issued under the Authority of Chief Justice Edward Douglas White in January of 1916.

The Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act was Judicially interpreted to stand as a tax measure, and as such enables said Judicial Bench to state said enactment falls within the Anti Injunction Act which prohibits a litigant’s standing until such times as the exaction has been PAID!  In this instance action, as defined by the Judicial Bench in June of 2012, the justiciable issue arises at the end of the calendar tax year for December 31, 2014.

There is a State Solution to this political tomfoolery choreographed by the Progressives who sit openly within the Shadows of Both Political parties sitting under our State and Federal Capitol Dome.

The standing of the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act is statutorily reliant upon the Revenue (Income Tax) Act of August 14th, 1935 as subsequently amended in July of 1939.  The States enabled this Federal Revenue Act by enacting in the late 1930’s the State Plan.

Here in Michigan, the first State Plan was Public Act 1 of 1936, and the Second was Public Act 280 of 1939.  What few American State Citizens comprehend, is that the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act shall be “nullified” when and only when the State Legislature stands up and repeals the New Deal Era State Plan(s) enacted in compliance to the Federal Legislation statutory defined as “Social Security.

So, yes Nullification shall work for said statutory action as it applies to the Patient Protection and Health Care Affordability Act requires the State Legislatures to legislatively repeal the foundational tentacles of Federal overreach by terminating with legislative prejudice the New Deal Era State Plans.

The issue is complicated for the simple fact is that after 57 years of the State Plans; we now have here in Michigan approximately two million Michiganders who live off the redistribution of OUR private Wealth.  Throughout the United States of America, we have enabled nearly 60 million American State Citizens to become beneficiaries of the Entitlement State.  This Entitlement Benefit stands as Social Security and is enabled locally as the State Plan.

There is a solution come the Primary here in Michigan in 2014.  We here in Michigan need to hold up the 29 GOP House Legislative Members in the Limelight for the next eighteen months up to the date of the August Primary who voted for House Bill 4111.

There in the August 2014 Primary, we need to oust the 29 GOP and 49 Democratic Party apparatchiks who voted for House Bill 4111.

Then come the General Election on the first Tuesday of November 2014, we elect Statesmen, whose first act in the 98th Legislature is simple, repeal with legislative prejudice Public Act 1 of 1936, and Public Act 280 of 1939.
This Nullification by repealing New Deal Era State Plan legislation is the pathway to putting the Federal Government back squarely within the four Corners of the Federal Constitution.

It requires American State Citizens to awaken from 113 years of deceptive Progressive political usurpation of OUR God Given Unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and Property under the color of statutory law.

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