Friday, April 5, 2013

It is all about Control

We need to awaken from the Big Lie that is enacted as “Gun Control” here in the lands of the Wolverine.

Governmental tyranny thrives in an environment where the Citizenry is disarmed in thought and in deed.

Our American Republic was founded by a Citizenry who awakened from the administrative actions of a Legislative Body, that funded a Judiciary, and Executive authority that was reliant upon statutory impositions that stood contrary to constitutional limitations.

Within less than 87 years following the “Glorious Revolution” British Americans were under statutory siege which imposed usurious takings of property under Fiscal Enactments, and finally the tyrannical exactions imposed by the Force of Arms in the Spring of 1775.

On April 19th, 1775, Eighty British Americans led by Captain John Parker, stood upon the Lexington Green one early afternoon to confront the King’s Agents who came out 700 strong from Boston to confiscate their private property, their Guns and ammunition.

Here 238 years later, we here in Michigan suffer the insufferable enactments of a Legislative Body sitting in Lansing that uses the colorful force of statutory law to impose inequitable restraints upon our God Given Unalienable rights to Life, Liberty and Property.

There is a pragmatic reason that Article I § 6 of OUR State Constitution is not alterable by statutory enactment.  Yet we here in Michigan have tolerated the usurpation of this Constitutional limitation imposed upon OUR Legislative Body sitting in Lansing.

This contradiction of moving statutory enactment contrary to Constitutional authority arises from within our governmentally regulated “educational” system for Constitutional propriety is not part of the “academic” program.

In fact quite the contrary, the Trade Unionists portending to be educators malign liberty by propagating the collective ideology of Progressivism, best defined as National Socialism.

The result is Michiganders willingly request permission to bear arms, which is a statutory requirement that sits openly contrary to the Michigan State Constitution as clearly written in Article I § 6.

We have one choice, toss upon the curbs of political history all those sitting within the offices of the Public Trust in Lansing, and within our Counties, who willfully violate the Law incorporated clearly in our State, and Federal Constitution.

Article I § 6 of the State Constitution, and the Second Amendment of the Federal Constitution are a limitation imposed upon the Governance not US!

We have this opportunity come the election cycle of 2014, where the 38 State Senators and the 110 House Members stand for election.  We should substantiate our Liberty by showing those malefactors sitting under our State Capitol Dome that unconstitutional actions come at a cost, the loss of public office.

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