Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Silent Fraud

The Michigan Supreme Court is renowned for the Bench’s judicial prudence, now it will be known as a Court wherein a singular Justice appears to have used her Office of the Public Trust for personal pecuniary gain.  An action moved in her private capacity that transgressed her Public Office

The result is that the soon to be Former Justice Diane M. Hathaway will be lucky if all she looses is her Michigan Taxpayer retirement entitlement.

The Judicial Tenure Commission’s Complaint 91 is quite the read, as to how two Attorneys, who shall know the law, appear to have knowingly violated said laws with cunning impunity.

The Petition for Interim Suspension addresses a fact rarely shared, that a presiding Michigan Supreme Count Justice appears to have knowingly violated the State Constitution, the Professional Rules of Conduct, State and Federal Financial law, and just to add icing to the cake, allegations of Felonious violations of the Federal Tax Law.

The Justice’s financial shenanigans appear to have started in 2008 and matured with a short sale of a Michigan Residence three years later.  The sad fact of this activity is a sound financial plan would have avoided the actions that its best cost the Justice her Professional Reputation, and her judicial seat, and at its worst, retirement may be interrupted with the consequences of a Federal Prosecution for Felonious acts.

The most revealing action documented within the Judicial Tenure Complaint 91 posted on January 7th, 2013 are the many “Fictions of Law” moved by the Justice and her spouse to realize their financial goal of a short sale by what appears to have been achieved  by   “devious means”.

The   PETITION FOR INTERIM SUSPENSION summarizes the actions of the Justice and her spouse in amazing detail.

During the three years of this action Diane M. Hathaway sat as Justice on the Michigan Court dispensing her opinion regarding the standing of Michiganders litigating various questions of law. How may a Justice whose private acts transgressed her Public Duties adjudicate the actions of others, wherein she, appears to have knowingly violated the rule of law for her personal pecuniary gain?  The Integrity of the Court has apparently sat under a cloud for many years unbeknownst to Michiganders, and Diane M. Hathaway’s fellow Justices.

Well, it is becoming very apparent that Diane M. Hathaway was not concerned about her short sale activity that IS until WXYZ of Detroit shared her interesting financial story line in the spring of 2012.  The result of Diane M. Hathaway’s financial actions has led to an embarrassing revelation of how a reputable Justice has apparently violated the very nature of her Profession.

This begs the question, why did the Justice and her spouse appear to knowingly conspire to violate the State Constitution, the Justice’s Oath of Office, the Ethics of her Office, and as a coup de grace, apparently violate State and Federal Statutory Laws.

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