Sunday, December 30, 2012

Reclaiming Liberty

It is time to throw off the shackles of Progressive Political deceit that sits within the Republican National, State, County and Township GOP Committees.

We here in Michigan have one choice, learn to stand up for Constitutional Principles within the Political arena of the State GOP, or continue to suffer the debacle wherein  Progressives are repeatedly assured their Political Seats.

IN the Muskegon, and Antrim GOP County Committees, the grassroots  have supported  principled Republicans who have stood up to shake off the progressive reach of Political deceit, which has dominated the State and County GOP Committees far too long in our great State.

We have a GOP State Convention convening at the end of February where we may reassert the Principles of Limited Constitutional government by supporting Statesmen to sit on the State GOP Committee here in Michigan.

Each Congressional District needs to reclaim the GOP Party from the hands of the progressives who have historically abused the trust of the Grass Roots in their unquenchable thirst for corrupting the Public Trust for their pecuniary gains.

We witnessed first hand in the 11th Congressional District how the Progressive Leadership of the Oakland County GOP cared not for Principle, but only for assuring their control of political office, by any means.

Here in Ionia County, we exposed the Progressive hand of political deceit when the Republican Nominee in Ronald Township was openly challenged in the fall election with the same tactics moved by L. Brooks Patterson and his clique of Progressives.

These progressive show their political hands, such as the County Commissioner in Muskegon County, Commissioner Bob Scolnik, who claims to be a moderate in the GOP.  Moderates are the Progressives, who stand as Republican in name only wherever they may be found.

We have the opportunity come this February in Lansing, for the Grass Roots of the GOP to reassert Principled leadership, by putting local activists who we know stand upon Constitutional Principles upon the GOP State Committee.

We need to out and oust those Progressives in the GOP here in Michigan.  This is our Opportunity to continue the work we achieved in the May GOP State Convention, where 45 percent of the attendees were newly enfranchised grass roots activists.
The Grassroots no longer need to tolerate a GOP leadership that grants L. Brooks Patterson the honor of Chair of a State Convention following his open defiance of Republican Protocol in a Congressional Primary race.

L. Brooks Patterson and his progressive cronies choreographed their political war targeting Kerry Bentivolio.  A political action L. Brooks Patterson and his progressive cronies are continuing this very day.

We need to show these progressives who have sat within the County and State GOP that their political deceit will no longer be tolerated here in the lands of the Wolverine.

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