Monday, November 5, 2012

The Photo Op is the Emergency Response!

The Horrific damage from “Sandy” has exposed the duplicity of Local, State and Federal Public Actors who rely upon the Media Photo Op, whilst they collectively fail to address the reality of responding to the massive destruction wrought by the Tropical Storm Sandy across a geographical area on the Eastern Seaboard larger than Europe.

This farcical media inspired photo op response should awaken all Americans to the systemic fiscal fraud that sits in the Local, State and Federal “emergency response” agencies.  In the affected areas of Staten Island, the best emergency response comes from their neighbors who pitch in without question to help each other recover from this natural calamity.

These taxpayer funded public sector unionized Local, State and Federal Emergency response agencies had days of warning to prepare for the mobilization of resources to address the aftermath of the destructive forces whirling within Tropical Storm Sandy.

When the storm clouds cleared, all that appeared on the streets where destruction reigned were the Media Cameras dutifully following the Local Officials parading around with the State and Federal Public Actors vying for the Photo Op whilst the Taxpaying Citizens suffer the misery of losing hearth and home.

The Mayor of New York moved forward on the Marathon, whilst New Yorkers wait till this very day for electrical power and other governmental regulatory services to be restored.

In New Jersey, the Governor goes on Television with Barrack stating the emergency response services of the State and Federal Government are moving forward, and then follows up with Rationing of Gasoline as the emergency service response to Service Stations and Households that sit without electrical power nearly a week after the storm clouds lifted.

What is not shared is that portable generators are part and parcel of the State’s National Guard’s tools, alongside the heavy equipment to immediately clear the streets of debris and provide needed foodstuffs, and other supplies to help Citizens overcome the immediate aftermath of such large scale tropical storm related Destruction..

The mobilization of these Taxpayer resources should have been mobilized the minute the Storm abated.  But alas all that was mobilized to date are the Photo Ops, and five minute prep talks moved by the Local, State and Federal elected officials that are shared with those who have the electrical power to watch.

The result of this Local, State and Federal Governments collective farcical response to this natural disaster was fruitfully experienced by Michael Bloomberg, the Mayor of New York.

When Michael Bloomberg showed up for his “photo op” in Staten Island he was righteously confronted by local Citizens who in the grand style of New Yorkers verbally shared their concerns with the blunt language of those who now comprehend the reality of being the forgotten borough.

Meanwhile out on the Campaign Trail, Barrack stands on the Stump in Madison Wisconsin praising his success in responding to the horrors of Tropical Storm Sandy.  So if those naysayers in Staten Island would have just turned on their Television, or Radios, they would have discovered that their devastated neighborhoods are just a political tool being used by incumbent Local, State and Federal Officials to champion there collective empty handed response, as if said response was real.

Americans need to awaken to the political fraud wherein our Private Wealth is taxed to fund public agencies who squander resources, whilst feigning standing as emergency response agencies.

The Katrina emergency response in New Orleans failed due directly to Local and State politicians using the destruction to advance a political platform.

Here in the aftermath of Sandy, the Local, State and Federal officials stand true to form, they come out to advance their political platform of spending tax dollars.  This is moved by rolling through the neighborhoods for their Photo Op, then heading quickly back to comfort of their offices’ to fend off the second storm.

The second storm erupts from Citizens protesting the insufferable failure of discovering the hard way that emergency response agencies, are not responsive, nor prepared to handle the massive emergent problems arising from such an enormous natural calamity. 

The result is quite apparent, over time the affected areas will recover on their own initiative, long after the “emergency responsive agencies” have resettled back in their taxpayer funded offices, implementing administrative studies to cover up their systemic failures.

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