Friday, November 9, 2012

Reestablishing Conservative Values in the GOP

The National GOP Committee has been dominated by self serving Moderates, known as Republican in Name Only, who are more concerned with maintaining their political positions as Progressives, than advancing the cause of Conservative Values.

 The National GOP Committee generously accepted over one billion in campaign funds for the 2012 Presidential Campaign, and then proceeded to foster a Moderate as the GOP Presidential Nominee through the primary process in defiance to the surging conservative majority in the Republican GOP Grassroots ranks.

The Tea Party conservative insurgency was not embraced by the National and State GOP committees.  The moderate leadership of the National and State GOP committees moved through front groups to co opt the conservative insurgency, and unfortunately succeeded which resulted in the political disaster here in Michigan in the Senatorial and Presidential Race.

We here in the Townships, need to reclaim the County Committee from the top down direction that has subverted conservative Republican values for far too long.

This top down influence imposed by the Legislative Caucus sitting under our State and Federal Capitol Domes has relied upon statutory authorities to regulate the County Committees, which are Free Associations.  A legislative body has no constitutional standing to impose statutory regulation upon Free Associations.

It is time for the County Committees to stand up to toss off the yoke of the statutorily usurpation of our Free Associations. We may start by tossing out the enfranchised State primary process and return to the local caucus for the nominating process of GOP Candidates.  The State statutorily managed primary process has been used to usurp the Township and County Committee Grassroots.  The Township Committees were literary legislated out of existence, wherein the statutory primary picked the “Precinct Delegates”.

The prime example of how the primary process corrupts the Grassroots was in the Florida GOP Primary where lavish spending on campaign ads easily swayed the ill informed to support a candidate who had no fire in his belly to challenge the most corrupted political administration sitting in the office of presidency since the days of Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

Forty States move Primaries to chose party candidates, which is the legacy used by the Progressive to overthrow Conservative values.   We need to terminate this statutory usurpation of liberty and reorganize the Township and County Committees to move the caucus to nominate all Republican Party candidates from the Precinct Delegates, to Township Boards.

The Township and County Committee caucus should be the platform for 2014 AND 2016 party nomination here in Michigan and throughout the other 50 States, and five federal territories.   The Grassroots is not a media ad, it is the local Citizenry standing up in the Township, and County Committee championing Conservative candidates who know well Government Governs the Best that Governs the lest.

Ron Paul’s success was in the Caucus States, where the sitting members were not easily swayed by the thirty second sound bite of distortions that was so successfully used by the Mitt Romney Campaign to distort reality in Florida and all Primary States following his loss in South Carolina..

Here in Michigan the State GOP’s moderate standings were exposed when the Rules Committee changed the rules following the Primary election to support their moderate champion, when the electoral math favored Rick Santorum.

The Conservative Grassroots are thrashed in a Primary system that favors the ill informed to vote for an image.  The Primary system was first presented by the Progressives in the closing days of th3 19th Century.  The Progressives used the primary system to break the conservative values of the Local Township and County Committees.

The Progressives knew well, their socialistic ideology, known today as Progressive Politics, would not fly in the grassroots of the Townships and County Committees.  The Progressive needed to circumnavigate the bedrock of Conservatism, by slowly initiating the primary system operated by statutory authority.

IN Michigan, we used to organize Township Committees, whom would then nominate, and elect the Precinct Delegates to the County Committee.  The County Committee Caucus would then nominate the State Delegates, who would sits in the State and or National Convention championing their candidates from the Convention floor.

This grassroots caucus championing State and National Candidates passed away by 1980, when the majority of the GOP Progressive dominated State Committees had finally entrenched the statutory primary in Forty States.  The Grassroots Committees in the Townships faded into history whilst the County Committees became an unwilling creature of Statutory Law.

These events changed the nature of the National GOP Committee that slowly became dominated by the Progressives who cherish their relationship with the Congressional Caucus sitting inside the Beltway of Washington D.C.

This resulted in a Top down National Committee GOP organization where the buckets of campaign funding bundled by the few were used to sway the many who only know the Primary System as the mechanism for nominating candidates.  The resultant candidates from this primary process were the Progressive Big Government Party types from George Herbert Walker Bush, George Walker Bush, John McCain, and hopefully the last of this political nonsense, Mitt Romney.

It is now very apparent that the National GOP Committee is completely out of touch with Conservative values.  The Nomination of George Herbert Bush, then his Son, George Walker Bush left a legacy of Progressive policies.  Increased taxation by the George Herbert Bush, which led to enlarging government with supportive deficit spending introduced by George Walker Bush.  Father and Son, standing as Presidential aspirants pledged no new taxes and small government.  What we received were new taxes, increased deficit spending and governmental expansion to the point that the bureaucrats mandate the size of toilet reservoirs in one’s Private Home.

Since the inauguration of George Herbert Walker Bush the Progressives in the National GOP Committee have dominated the Party down to the Count Committee level with the statutory tool known as the primary.  The result is there for all to see, ever expanding governmental overreach funded by ever increasing deficit spending.

Now days after the fall of the Progressive GOP Candidate Mitt Romney, the current Progressive speaker of the House comes out and champions working with the Big Lie that sits in the White House for another four years.

This political circus needs to end.  WE American may no longer suffer the insufferable political misdirection which is apparently the preferred tool of the Progressively dominated National GOP Committee allied with the Congressional Caucus sitting inside the Beltway of Washington D.C.

Hopefully with 35 newly elected National GOP Committee members taking their seat this Fall, we may begin putting Conservatives to the forefront by putting the Progressive ideologues upon the ash Heap of Political History.

We may encourage this Philosophical direction back to Conservative values by reinvigorating the grassroots of the GOP by reasserting local Township Committees here in Michigan.  We need to terminate this statutory primary system and reassert the bottom up authority; otherwise, we shall continue to lay supine to the Moderates.  Moderates in the GOP are part of the one big government party, philosophically defined as Progressives.

The Progressives care not what party wins, as long as their kindred kind sit in the seats of political authority in the House, Senate, and Executive Offices in the County, State and Federal legislative assembly.

This Progressive dominance in the GOP National Committee needs to change.  WE started here in Michigan, by electing to new State Committee Members, who joined 33 others newly elected National GOP Committee Members this Fall.

We now need to address reclaiming the GOP from the tarnished hands of the Progressives by reestablishing the grassroots, the bedrock of the Party by resetting the Caucus for nominating all Republican Candidates from the Township to the floor of the National Convention.

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