Tuesday, November 13, 2012

America, We have an Electoral problem!

We have an electoral problem here in America.  It sits within the progressively dominated administrative offices of the States’ Bureau of Elections.
It is the statutorily designed lack of accountability in the voter registration process, and the trend of the past thirty years to encourage “early voting”, absentee voting, and anonymous registration by posting through the mail.

The socialist political front ACORN has changed its name, and now moves under new monikers in the several States feasting off our Private Wealth redistributed by a Compliant Federal Congress.  The Federal Congress wherein the Speaker of the House, and the President of Senate claim to be of opposite parties, yet share the Progressive Ideology of BIG GOVERNMENT.

The result of this Big Government Party is that it has statutorily crafted an electoral system that by design has no integrity for validating the legitimacy of the voter, whether they have to present a Photo ID or not in the large urban and small rural jurisdictions.  IN the rural areas where the local clerk may know all by name, there is no safeguard to preventing fraudulent tabulations when all the tallies are electronically tabulated.

The first year of Slick Willie’s Presidential Term, the National Voter Registration Act empowered anonymous voter registration by mail, and by law for Federal Elections to register anyone without question who applied for a State Issued Motor Vehicle License.

What is forgotten is that during the Administration of Slick Willie, dozens of States routinely issued Motor Vehicle Licenses to illegal aliens which by statute therein received a Voter Registration Application.

This statutory sleight of hand resulted in Federal House Member Republican Robert K. Dornan losing in Orange County California to Democratic new comer Loretta Sanchez on the first Tuesday of November 1996.   Loretta won by 948 votes that year.  Loretta is comfortably ensconced in what is now a geographical area heavily populated by recent National Residents who once lived south of the Rio Grande and vote.

The Chicago Rule of Voting Early, Voting Often, Vote Dead, and then do it again, has been supplemented with the Slick Willie Rule, the registration of illegal aliens.

This Federal Statutory law applicable to Federal elections within the State turned all public offices administering taxpayer funded welfare programs into voter registration centers. 
In many of the States Improperly documented aliens, known as Illegal Aliens apply for taxpayer funded benefits at the local State Administered Welfare office.

The Family Independence Agency of Michigan is now, and has been since 1993, a voter registration office as are all the welfare offices operating in the other 49 States.

The Family Independence Agency provides a voter registration application as part of the administrative process for securing the Bridge Card here in Michigan.  The public sector unionized bureaucrat has no legal responsibility to authenticate the legal status of an applicant who comes to their office to secure the Taxpayer Funded Bridge Card, and Voter Application.

Voter Registration does not require the Applicant to prove their legal standing, nor is the State public sector unionized bureaucrat employed in the local welfare office required to validate the lawful status of the applicant who applies  for “benefits” and subsequently is issued by statute, the Voter Registration Application..

Absentee voting here in Michigan is used by those so inclined, sitting as the Township, Village and City Clerk, to manipulate the vote by fraudulent intent.  There is no legal validation of the absentee ballot submitted by the local Clerk to be counted on Election Day by the Precinct Workers.  By the way, the Precinct workers here in Michigan are paid directly by the Clerk, out of the local government unit’s general fund.

IN a Presidential Election where the popular vote margin is less than three million Nation Wide tabulated votes, the math substantiates that ten thousand votes here, and ten thousand votes there turns a State’s Electoral count.

Then there is the not mentioned disappearance  of the Overseas Absentee Ballots from military personnel stationed in 183 nations around the World, that were literally lost in transshipment to the polls, which oddly is not making the Obama News Network.

Voter fraud, how about Voter Intimidation at the Polls in Philadelphia where the “Black Panthers” again chased away voters, knowing full Well, that their DOJ hero Eric Holder would look the other way.  The result is 59 precincts in Philadelphia apparently had nearly 97 percent voter participation who subsequently voted for the Incumbent Maoist who occupies 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Where is the outcry from the National Republican GOP Committee?  Why did the Romany campaign expeditiously capitulate on election night whilst having in the field election fraud attorneys on retainer?

Simple, the Progressively dominated leadership of the National Republican GOP Committee is more concerned with their political seats, than standing the Rule of Law.

The Progressviely dominated office known as the Speaker of the House moved quickly to  toss American State Citizens under the Bus, in order to reach a “fiscal spending (Tax Increases) compromise” with the Socialist majority leader in the Senate, and the Maoist occupying the White House.

One would think the Speaker of the House would question voter suppression from 2008, when the DOJ failed to prosecute the Black Panthers’ from Philadelphia.  No, that would require the occupant of the Speakers chair to have Constitutional principles. 

The result is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act will increase exponentially the size of the Federal and State Government’s pubic sector unionized administrative bureaucracy, whilst the Speaker of the House apparently is ready to move more tax increases to avoid the legal fiction promoted by all Cable New Channels, inclusive of Fox News, as Taxameggadon.

Welcome to the Twilight Zone, where for the next twenty four months Americans will be pummeled by the Obama News Network standing that the Big Lie is the Truth, whilst the National GOP Republican Committee will circle their political wagons claiming that the 30 GOP State Governors agree that all should reach out to demographics, in lieu of standing upon Constitutional Principles.

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