Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Local Control

Over the past days leading up to the State GOP Convention in Grand Rapids, I have had the pleasure of pre-recorded solicitations from those seeking the Republican Nomination for the State Board of Education.

Two of the State Board of Education Candidates prerecorded messages though from different candidates, apparently were purchased from the same political consultancy firm.

The key phrase “Local Control” was the first statement shared in these prerecorded solicitations.

Sounds great, local control of educational resources, which unfortunately is overtly contradicted when it paraphrased with the necessity of local boards adhering to STATE ENACTED MANDATES!

How is that local control?  Furthermore State enacted legislative mandates comingle with Federal mandates, as this is how the State Legislature secures Federal Tax Dollars to the tune of 16.5 billion during the Fiscal Year Ending June 30th, 2011, of which approximately 2.1 billion was earmarked for Mandated Educational requirements in compliance to Federal input.

The Bush Era enactment “No Child Left Behind scheme” is better described as our Private Wealth being generously redistributed under the Will and Whim of OUR State Legislature.

This fiscal fact exposes the “Local Control” for what it is “Double Speak” moved by those who at best have no clue of how the State Legislature funds education, or worse do know what they state is a fictitious presentment to persuade the ill informed.

 Those who speak of this local control under the direction of the State Legislature are overtly misstating the facts in an effort to advance their electoral agenda which appears to support their political aspirations without regard to the educational system’s known dysfunctional operations here in our Great State.

It is quite apparent in reflection that those candidates promoting local control predicated upon the fact of adhering to State Legislative mandates are either dysfunctional illiterates who do not comprehend the educational solution, or Machiavellian opportunists whose goal is to continue the Progressive ruse of tax and spend on behalf of the Michigan Education Association.

  We need to stop this Progressive ruse where our Children are attending what is best described as behavioral modification and historical redefinition centers.  These Progressive managed “educational centers” are there to promote an ideology of State Supremacy in complete contradiction to the fundamental law of the Republic which clearly states Our Liberties are a Gift ordained by God not by politicians purchasing votes with OUR PRIVATE WEALTH that is redistributed as Tax Dollars.

The current State Mandate sustains a federal subsidized curriculum that enables a full pensioned employment system for the Michigan Education Association that matriculates ill informed graduates, who have no clue that our Liberties come from God, not the State.

 When the GOP Convention Convenes this Friday and those State Board of Education Candidates come about bantering about local control, have them define that phrase, wherein you will discover there is nothing local, where all shall adhere to State enacted mandates.

 All TAXES come from our pockets.  Local Control would require those fiscal exactions first and foremost to stay exclusively within the Township where OUR children are schooled.  That is the definition of local Control.

In fact if the State Board of Education membership was factual for local control, their first post election session with the newly enfranchised membership should close the Board, and retire, which would then allow Michiganders in the Townships to truly have local control over our Children’s educational resources.

Our Children shall be afforded an educational environment that advances knowledge predicated upon the known basics, of Reading, Writing, Mathematics and Historical studies

 So, how may those standing up for the GOP Nomination for the State Board of Education claim they stand for local control, when the fiscal funding predicate upon adhering to State Legislative enacted mandates contradicts those words shared by the candidates?

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