Friday, August 17, 2012

Conservation is not Conservation

We here in America, need to shut down the Progressive Political Agenda by standing up and challenging their Socialistic usurpation of OUR God Given Unalienable Rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Property.

ONE avenue of the Progressive’s statutorily enacted administrative Usurpation of Limited Constitutional Governance is moved under the color of Conservation.

Moving under the color of “Conservation” the Progressive Political class has established an administrative subordination of OUR God Given Unalienable Rights.

This subordination of OUR Private Rights dates back to the accidental Presidency of Theodore Roosevelt, starting on September 14th, 1901, who presented the Progressive agenda under his euphemism known as the “Square Deal.

The Progressives corrupt our Liberty under the color of “Conservation” of “Natural Resources”, by overt manipulation of legislative authority whilst sitting in our State and Federal Legislature from where they have unfortunately convinced far too many Americans that the consuming of our Natural Resources destroys our lands.

This has enabled the Progressives to advance their National Socialistic Agenda by literally closing down by administrative regulatory rule our ability to stand energy impendent here in the United States of America.

We are sitting on oil reserves here in the United States of America that would enable our Energy Companies to profitably fill our Gas Tanks at less than two dollars a gallon.

Unfortunately we have tolerated the Progressive’s Big Lie about oil production since January 28th, 1969, when the Union Oil Rig’s mechanical failure occurred on its Oil Drilling Platform sitting six miles off the coast of Summerland, California. The uncontrolled oil surge spread across nearly 35 miles of the California Coastline.  This unfortunate industrial accident to this day is the cornerstone of the Progressives “Clean Energy Agenda”, now draped under the farcical statutory program labeled as “Green Energy”.

The political result is that the Federal and or State Legislature USE OUR PRIVATE WEALTH to SUBSIDIZE a political driven agenda such as Wind Turbines and Solar Cell production.

These two “Green Energy” programs have cost Americans untold billions of our Private Wealth, first to the statutory mandates that have artificially increased the cost of our abundant natural resources in fossil fuels.

Secondly, during the pendency of the Current Administration occupying OUR White House at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, OUR PRIVATE WEALHT has been ladled out to fund such colossal failures as Solyndra.

Here in Michigan the State Legislature has moved in lock step with this Progressive nonsense by funding such local failures as

A123 Systems which consumed 390 Million dollars of Wealth to produce nothing but 30 second Bites for the Green Energy Agenda.

United Solar Ovonic is another Michigan Taxpayer funded failure which collapsed these past twelve months.

We Americans need to awaken from this Political Farce, and close down these Progressive political agendas which have nothing to do with providing us with abundant sources of free market place driven energy resources.

We should start at the Federal Level by repealing the 110th Congress’s Progressive liberty destroying Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 and here in Michigan Public Act 295 of 2008.

It is time to terminate the State Regulatory overreach which empowers Utility monopolies here in Michigan. The growth of the Public Service Commission was to empower the Socialistic agenda of State granted and administratively controlled monopolies.

IN this instance, the Energy Monopolies in Michigan have led to the collapse of local independent hydraulic electrical production with the help of the Department of Natural Resources that buried producers under reams of documentation wherein they had to list the tally of fish being caught in their water driven turbines on a daily basis.

The result was the closure of local Hydraulic Electrical Dams throughout Michigan which enabled the Energy Monopolies to dictate ever increasing costs, not related to improving production, but for funding outdated production platforms.

We Michiganders suffer onerous impositions of taxation and increased power generation expenses to cover the cost of this politically engineered energy boondoggle here in Michigan and throughout or Great American Republic.

Here in Michigan OUR State Legislature has enacted infamous statutory mandates that by legislative fiat compel the State Regulated Energy Monopolies to construct Wind Turbines to produce initially Ten percent of the Electrical Power we use here in Michigan.

The cost of these Michigan Built Wind Turbines is not cost effective.  Secondly the only reason these Turbine Wind farms are constructed is due directly to the Statutory Mandate enacted as Public Act 295 of 2008.

The result is four years later We Michiganders are being statutorily coerced to subsidize an inefficient politically mandated farce that raises the cost of OUR State Governance, and OUR Energy Bills.

The true number is those who are no longer considered "Unemployed" since January 20th, 2009.

Those no longer statutorily defined as "unemployed" are the 375 thousand Americans or more, who have exhausted the Unemployment Tax Benefit and subsequently are statutorily stricken from the ‘unemployment roll” for the past 190 weeks.

Those who no longer receive unemployment benefits, number over 72 million Americans who are knowingly ignored by the Spin Meisters who continue to churn out the Big Lie claiming “unemployment” is less than 9 percent.  In a population of nearly 315 Million Americans, we now have over 72 millions Americans unable to secure gainful employment.

This statistical fact is the result of a Federal Congress, where the leadership of both political parties has knowingly increased future taxes over six trillion dollars in less than Four Years.   This increase in taxation is artfully called the “National Debt”.  The National Debt is tomorrows Tax dollars spent today.

This why the Supplemental Nutrional Assistance Program recipients have climbed by over 31 percent since the day the Big Lie became the 44th President of the United States at Noon on January 20th, 2009.

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