Sunday, August 13, 2017

The Progressive Rumble in Charlottsville

Today in Charlottesville Virginia, Americans witnessed a Propaganda Coup constructively organized by the Progressive Political Class there in the Commonwealth of Virginia covertly allying itself with its useful idiots known to all as the “Antifa”.

It is fact, that these so called “White Nationalists” had organized a street protest in Charlottesville, coming dressed as Political thugs, which is the heritage of the KluKluxKlan along with their fellow National Socialists travelers who came to town dressed to rumble with the “Antifa”.

What was not acknowledged directly was that the “Antifa” stood in the public square, referred to ubiquitously by the Yellow Journalists in the major new media as the “Counter protest”.

What was left out of this false narrative is that the “Counter Protestors” were this so called “Antifa” who came dressed as the political thugs who have shown their riotous ways in such assemblies as shared in the new media across the major Cities of America on January 20th, 2017.  Following the Antifa “day of rage”, these “counter Protestors stormed the University of California Berkeley Campus on February 1 breaking, torching, and violently confronting anyone in their path of riotous destruction.  The Antifa are a collective group of liberal professional political thugs funded quietly by Progressive NGO’s.

This riotous path of the “antifa” led them to the streets of Charlottesville, where the yellow journalists of the major media presented these political thugs as the “Counter protestors” to what was described as the “White Nationalists”.  
The public stage was set, on one side stood David Duke, a known member of the Klu Klux Klan, leading his collective collage of “White Nationalists” who we confronted by the “Counter Protestors” where within their ranks was this other crew known as “Black Lives Matter” all covered in riotous splendor in front of the News Camera pummeling each other.  What was missing from the pummeling protestors, were all those Police who were shown on the camera, but not separating these two riotous assemblies of Political Thugs until much later in the afternoon.
This would be unbelievable, but sadly very true.  This “violent protest” beamed around the world from Charlottesville Virginia was a choreographed activity where both sides came as they say, “ready to rumble”!  The local police authorities quietly stood in the background until the major news media ramped up the story line faulting the “White Nationalists” for the violent  outbreak, all the while overlooking the “Counter Protestors” carrying their clubs.

Then with the video streaming in the background flowing with the false narrative of the commentators who were busy churning over the day, all about the talking point, that
“Violent White Nationalists”, the Progressive Political Class of the Commonwealth stumbled over each other rushing to the Television Cameras throughout the day. 
There looking into the Camera Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe with “tough eyes”, denounces the violence of the “White Nationalists” whilst overlooking the videos showing two well armed groups of political thugs violently rumbling in the public square. 

Then along comes
Charlottesville Mayor Mike Signer who takes to the airwaves of the television media to fault the President of the United States for failing to call out the “White Nationalists”.  Meanwhile his local police authority stood back while the two distinct groups of political thugs rumbled in front of the Television Cameras for the entire world to see! 

Meanwhile the Swamp Creatures from within the Beltway of Washington D.C., stood up in quick step to parrot the false narrative of the yellow journalists by taking pot shots at the President of the United States on their twitter feeds.

In Short this “violent protest” was knowingly tolerated, maneuvered, and exploited by the corrupted Progressive Political class of the Commonwealth, with the avid support of their kindred kind from inside the putrid swamp festering there inside the Beltway of Washington D.C.
Wake up America to take note, we have witnessed a collaborative effort of the federal licensed major news media outlets to overtly misstate the truth by expertly moving a choreographed real time video broadcast to advance their false narrative of that which never occurred, a one side political riot. 
The video news narrative beamed out of Charlottesville on August 12, 2017, was a textbook example of George Creel’s infamous progressive philosophy for mainlining the false narrative: “Why tell a little lie, when a big lie sounds so much better”. 
There is one obvious fact that could not be hidden by the televisions cameras, which were the two distinct polarized groups of violent political thugs rumbling on the streets of Charlottesville Virginia under the watchful eye of the local authorities.

Then later on Saturday Afternoon, when the corrupted progressive political class of the Commonwealth attained their objective of ridiculing President Donald J. Trump, they ended the “violent protests” in quick fashion.  Amazing eh?

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