Wednesday, August 2, 2017

The Politics of the Blob

Our State legislature sitting in Lansing has consistently shouted for all to hear these past 53 years that there is never enough tax dollars to fund Public Education, Public Health, Public Safety, and the maintenance of OUR Publicly maintained highways and byways here in the lands of the Wolverine.

The continued increased public spending is with or without our support following an election where candidates pledged to stand within Constitutional Limitations from where once seated on the chamber floors in Lansing under OUR State Capitol Dome they do the contrary. 

Our elected public officers stand on the legislative chamber floor from where they willingly expand the reach of the twenty principle departments of State Government to cure issues that are the result of failed legislative initiatives of the past, which results in the exponential growth of public agencies who mimic the creature from the Movie of 1958, “The Blob”. 

Our State governance here in the lands of the Wolverine has become the “Blob”.  How has the majority of OUR publics actors implemented the public policies best defined as the “Blob”? 

Well, here are few historical points not taught in the political science classes of our publically funded classes of academia.

The State budget in 1964 was approximately $684 million dollars; in 1965 it increased to 820 million dollars from where it hit 1 billion dollars in 1966.  Now what do the Public Actors do following three fiscal years of increased tax and spend funding?  What is the solution?  Decrease the size of government?

No, the public actors put out the carrot and the stick of Public Education, Public Health, and Public Safety that just had to be funded to support the Progressives’ latest program for enlarging Bureaucratic Socialism, known to all as the “Great Society”.

So, the doorway was now open to move forward with Public Act 281 of 1967 which is now known as the State Income Tax.  The first fiscal increase under this tax and spend legislation was a mere “ten percent” from where the state budget increased to 1.1 billion dollars for the fiscal year starting on October 1, 1967.  

On October 1, 2016, the State Budget stood at 54.9 billion. Since October 1, 1967, with the State Income Tax in Place, the state budget increased over the next 50 years by 4,990 percent. Where has all the funding gone?

Meanwhile the State legislature has consistently shouted for all to hear, there is never enough tax dollars to fund Public Education, Public Health, Public Safety, and the maintenance of OUR Public maintained highways and byways here in the lands of the Wolverines.  It is like clockwork, following the spring thaw, as we bump across potholes, the State Wide Progressive journalists of the Media rallies for increased spending to fix the “Problems”.

So the legislative liaisons roll over to the legislative chamber in the closing days of January from the twenty principle Departments of State Government, claiming we need just a “few dollars more” more to fix the “Problems”.

This surely shall be an odd occurrence, for the State Agencies were allegedly funded the previous year to fix all these “Problems”, which for some reason have becomes perpetually an unsolvable issue that requires ever increasing funding.  
Correspondingly, since 1964, the State Legislatures' salary has increased from $3500 per legislative calendar year in 1964 to $12,000 per legislative calendar year by 1968.

A 357 percent increase in just 48 months! Currently the annual legislative salary excluding the ten thousand dollar "slush" fund has increased 575 percent since the legislative calendar year ending December 31, 1968.

What is amazing, is that prior to the 1964 legislative calendar year the legislature met part time for 90 legislative days on the chamber floors.

Under the encouragement of George Romney, when the Legislature came to town on the second Wednesday in January of 1964, sitting down on the Chamber Floors at twelve o’clock noon, they inexplicitly never went home.  Yet the Legislature sat then, as it does now, on the chamber floor for only 90 legislative days during their yearlong visit to Lansing every legislative year for the past 53 years.

The result is that we here in Michigan are overburden by a State Bureaucracy populated by elected public officials who expand the reach of the appointed civil public employees every calendar year without regard to constitutional limitations.

How is all this accomplished contrary to constitutional limitations implemented in the Michigan State Constitution of 1963, Article IV § 13 that require the Legislature to sit ONLY on the Second Wednesday of the Month in January at twelve o’clock noon?

Well turn to the Public Education System which was the cornerstone of George Romney's tax and spend expansion program during his six years sitting the Executive Office in Lansing.

Motown unfortunately is the perfect example of a failed public educational system supported by what is historically been exposed as a corrupted public trust.  This broken governance is not exclusive to Motown.

This broken governance model unfortunately has become standard operating procedure radiating out of Lansing that knowingly redistributes our Private Wealth every fiscal calendar year to continue funding the endemic failures of historic legislative wrongs sitting as local units of government.

This is enabled by a supportive collection of Progressives in elected and appointed office, with the avid support of their fellow travelers, who are the journalists embedded within the media falsely promoting that all these wrongs of the past 53 years are the result of Michiganders who refuse to support the ever growing Blob of Governance best defined as Bureaucratic Socialism.

Odd dialogue eh? A skillfully created dialogue where the “usual suspects” fault others for the wrongs knowingly funded by the Progressive entrenched political class here in the lands of Wolverine which is enacted to enable a public policy operating as Legislative Plunder!

The proof of this simple fact was exposed when Tom Leonard, the Speaker of Our State House of Representatives moved a Tax cutting and Second Amendment Initiative, from where his actions were pilloried in the “Free Press” across the Breath and Width of OUR Great State.

This is just a few of the many reasons that for the past 53 years we suffer the insufferable legislative tomfoolery churned out by a "Full Time Legislature" to support the 30 year careers of publically unionized tenured appointed public actors who shrewdly lobby the inexperienced term limited elected public actors for more of OUR private wealth claiming that for just another "few dollars more" that they may solve the problems this fiscal years that they never intended to solve the last fiscal year.

Michigan has become an Orwellian Nightmare, where the legislature has wasted hundreds of billions in dollars of Private Wealth over 53 years without concern.  Why?  Well, look no further than the votes held in Lansing under our State Capitol Dome, where all vote to increase the burden upon Michiganders whilst claiming they are spending less, when the reality is they always spend more. 

The only ones spending less are Hard working Michiganders whose private wealth is coercively taken under the color of law, implemented as the State Income Tax, Property Tax, Sales Tax, Permit Taxes, and by any all other taxable means to fund this ever growing fiscal Blob, known as State and Local Government here in the lands of the Wolverine.

What may we Michiganders move to end this ongoing legislative plundering?  Well, first we should consider putting the legislature within the Constitutional confines of a defined legislative Calendar year of 90 days sitting over the first four months of the year, inclusive of ending the foolishness of term limits.

Then WE Michiganders need to call for terminating the legislative control of the Executive Branch, by having the newly enfranchised part time legislature repeal the unconstitutional legislative enactment known as the Public Employee Relations Act, sitting as Public Act 336 of 1947

We Michigander constitutionally empowered three branches of co equal government, where no one branch shall control the other.  So how may Public Act 336 of 1947 legislatively instruct the Executive Branch how to manage its appointed public servants?  Whoops . . .

Welcome to the Orwellian State where Constitutional Limitations are breached when the elected public actors fail to stand within constitutional limitations which fraudulently enables the fallacy of a tax and spend confiscatory agenda  every Fiscal Calendar year here in the Lands of Wolverine starting on October 1.

We have but one choice here in Michigan.  We need to stand up this electoral cycle to elect Statesmen to sit in the Offices of OUR Public Trust, who come the Second Wednesday of January 2019, move to liberate all Michiganders from the failed legislative polices that have knowingly breached Constitutional Limitations.  In short, the 100th Legislature needs shut it all down.  Then with the nearly 43 billon dollars in working capital saved by the end of the legislative day, fund the authorities we have granted a constitutionally limited government.

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