Friday, November 14, 2014

Bipartisan Deception, the Progressives' Big Lie

HB 5477 shows the political arrogance of the Majority leader of the State Senate who knowingly crosses the aisle to potentially impose a billion dollar fuel tax increase on Michiganders just eight days after the midterm election.

There is no “funding crisis” for Transportation infrastructure.  There is 37 years of legislative plunder enacted as Public Act 231 of 1987, where fuel taxes are appropriated to fund Transportation economic development projects, which has absolutely nothing to do with maintaining our highways and byways.

The State Senate should have voted to repeal Public Act 231 of 1987, which would have ended the misappropriation of Fuel Taxes to fund non roadway projects.

The Detroit Free Press credits Randy Richardville as assuring the Democratic Senators from Detroit that the 55 percent fuel tax increase presented as House Bill 5477 will be stealthy used under Public Act 231 of 1987 to support “Mass Transit” development and other “projects” known as Transportation economic development projects in Detroit inclusive of other undisclosed urban centers throughout the lands of the Wolverine.

Public Act 231 of 1987 is best defined as legislative plunder.

This Legislative Plunder is defined in Public Act 231 of 1987 as “Transportation economic development projects”.   Transportation economic development projects are political double speak for the redistribution of OUR Private Wealth to fund the Politicians’’ favorite charities, Government orientated kick back contractors best defined as “Crony Capitalists”. 

This is why 13 sitting Republican Senators in the 97th Legislature’s last lame Duck Session collectively spit in the faces of all Michiganders.  These 13 sitting Republican Senators chose to support a billion dollar fuel tax INCREASE presented by Rob VerHeulen as House Bill 5477 for no reason except to continue the confiscation of our Private Wealth under the false bravado of “Bipartisanship” which is known as the “Big Lie”. 

Moving under the authority of Public Act 231 of 1987 the State Transportation Commission has authorized the legislative plundering of OUR fuel taxes to subsidize Private and Government Transportation economic development projects contracted out to private parties in a political ruses known today as “Crony Capitalism”.

This fact substantiates the legislative fraud presented as House Bill 5477, which in reality is another tax boondoggle proposal to plunder another billion dollars of OUR Private Wealth which proves the Political Leadership sitting in the Lame Duck Legislative Session in OUR State Senate is willing to mislead not only their fellow members, but all Michiganders. 

Why would the current Majority Leader of the State Senate inclusive of the incoming Majority Leader of the 98th Legislature’s Senate chamber, in the closing Lame Duck Session of the 97th Legislature promise to redistribute potentially hundreds of millions of dollars of OUR private Wealth to Detroit’s Democratic Senators’ favorite supporters, Motown Government Contractors? 

What other back room political promises not disclosed to US, the Fuel consuming Michiganders have the outgoing and incoming Senate Majority leaders promised to others to fund Transportation economic development projects?

It has become quite apparent that the Majority Party Leadership in the Senate of the 97th Legislature and the incoming 98th Legislature’s Senate Majority Leadership team has shown they have no singular or collective concern for fiscal responsibility, accountability and transparency. 

The Senate Majority Party leadership leaving at the end of the 97th   Legislature and the incoming Senate Majority leadership sitting in the 98th Legislative have shown their utter arrogance to Constitutional Limitations and Fiscal transparency.    A Legislatively imposed tax increase is a statutory taking of Life, Liberty and Property.

The State Senate Republican Majority leadership leaving and incoming have collectively shown they prefer to continue the expansion of the twenty principle departments of Government by knowingly choosing to siphon a billion dollars annually from the pockets of Michiganders.
This is not a proper way to thank Michiganders for supporting a Republican Majority in Lansing.

 When confronted with shortfalls for known historical misappropriation of tens of billions of dollars doled out to fund Transportation economic development projects for the past thirty-four years, the State Senate Leadership in the Lame Duck State Senate has chosen to continue the same old political arrogance known as Legislative Plunder.

In a 54 Billion dollar fiscal budget for the Fiscal year 2014, there is readily found 20 percent of bureaucratic waste of OUR Private Wealth.

It is time to call on the Lame Duck Session in the House and inform the Republican majority termed out, and those reelected members who plan to sit in the 98th  Legislature, it is time to close down this billion dollar annual tax scheme by voting down House Bill 5477.   

House Bill 5447 is a Tax Scheme that is based upon a known Political Lie that is presented for one purpose, to siphon off one billion dollars of OUR private Wealth to be redistributed to the Politicians’ chosen crony capitalists!

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Michael Neibel said...

Perhaps the new incoming pols can repeal the gas tax increase when they get in. Or, doesn't this still have to be voted on in the state house? Can Snyder be pressured to veto it?