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Mr. Authority, a Progressive Tax and Take program for the ages

Introducing Proposal 14-1, known as “Mr. Authority”, the new local unit of government taxing agency coming to levy your local business on October 15, 2015, unless YOU vote NO on Proposal 14-1!

Only the Progressive leadership in Lansing could enact a statutory provision that taxes tangible personal property by millage, and a 6 percent use tax by a local unit of government, and then boldly claim it ends the Tangible Personal property Tax in the same breadth.

Article IX § 31 requires all TAX INCREASES that shall be imposed by Local Units of Government be put on the ballot to be voted up or down by the electorate.

This is why Proposal 14-1 is constitutionally required to be put on the Ballot on August 5, 2014, for it is plain and simple a Tax Increase to be imposed by a local unit of government under a newly created administrative bureaucracy known as the “Authority”.

This Progressive tax increase Proposal 14-1 originated in 2012 as Public Act 408 of 2012.

Public Act 93 of 2014 is part of this Progressive tax increase presented as Proposal 14-1.

Public Act 90 of 2014 is a trigger used to mislead all Michigander by claiming failure to support Proposal 14-1 will increase the cost of “small business” do to “increased taxation”.

Ask the proponents of Proposal 14-1 to explain the enabling clause of Public Act 90 of 2014:

“Enacting section 1. Section 9o of the general property tax act, 1893 PA 206, MCL 211.9o, as added by this amendatory act, is repealed if either House Bill No. 6026 of the 96th Legislature, 2012 PA 408, or Senate Bill No. 822 of the 97th Legislature is presented to the qualified electors of this state at an election to be held on the August regular election date in 2014 and the bill presented is not approved by a majority of the qualified electors of this state voting on the question.”

This Proposal 14-1 will NOT REPEAL the personal property tax.  Quite the Contrary Proposal 14-1 enables a new local unit of government the “Authority” to impose tangible personal property taxes by millage value, and by Six percent use tax, each and every year forever more. 

This is a tax increase plain and simple to be imposed by newly created unit of local government.

Proposal 14-1 was first presented as Public Act 408 of 2012 with the assurances that this would end the Personal Property Tax imposed upon tangible personal business property.

Well, Public Act 408 of 2012 was the first of many legislative schemes perpetrated on behalf of Michiganders that was falsely presented as the statutory tool to “End Personal Property Tax”.

 The legislative leadership sitting under OUR State Capitol Dome in Lansing had and has no intention of ending the Tangible Personal Property Tax.  This fact is self evident when you unwind the statutory maze enacted to confuse in the first instance the statutory creation of a new local unit of government whose fiscal objective is for the levying of OUR private Wealth excised from OUR Private Tangible Personal Property by millage, and use tax authority.

The legislative fact here is that Public Act 408 of 2012 was the first public act player, known as “Mr. Proposal” to grace this Progressive Stage of political theater that was falsely presented as an end to the tangible personal property tax.

Now all the legislative leadership in Lansing needed was the supporting cast of public act players to weave their statutory deception for imposing a new level of taxation whilst claiming all along it was to end the tangible personal property tax.  George Creel was said to have stated, “why tell a little lie when a big lie sounds so much better”.  Enter Proposal 14-1 from stage left, standing as the BIG LIE!

The Second Public Act player to audition for the roll to obfuscate the political deceit of “ending” the Tangible Personal Property tax was Public Act 153 of 2013, known as “Mr. Exemption”.  An exemption does not end a tax program, it exempts a statutorily defined class of participants, whilst imposing a larger taking on those not exempted.

Now entering from stage left, another Public Act Player, the statutorily funded “director for bureaucratic socialism”, whose taxpayer funded local office of government will be empowered by Public Act 80 of 2014, and to be known as “Mr. Authority”. 

Mr. Authority has two supporting cast members; one is the “Authority Council” whose public actors are appointed by the office of the Governor.  The Second cast member is Mr. “Authority” itself which will be the Local Community Stabilization Authority, that sits in compliance to Article 7 § 27 as incorporated in the Michigan Constitution of 1963.

“Mr. Authority” is a new local unit of government created for one singular purpose to tax by millage, and use all tangible personal property found to be excisable within its local jurisdiction.

Mr. Authority moves by first funding its public sector unionized bureaucracy to be known as the Local Community Stabilization Authority who will be enabled to move within their statutorily created jurisdiction to eat out our Sustenance one assessment after another of all private owners of ALL NON EXEMPT tangible personal property.

Now enters another public actor from stage left, Mr. Levy, presented as Public Act 81 2014. 

Public Act 81 of 2014 establishes the statutory standing for Mr. Authority to send out its public sector unionized minions carrying the name “Local Community Stabilization Authority” on their letter head to eat out our Sustenance, by aliening all tangible personal property that exceeds $80,000.00 in true cash value for ever more.

This statutory fact substantiates the deceptive political ads crossing our Television screens here in the lands of the Wolverine touting Proposal 14-1 will “end” the tangible personal property tax are an outright misstatement of the fact.

Public Act 153 of 2013 was touted as the “end of personal property tax”.  The reality is Public Act 153 of 2013 established an exemption floor, wherein any legal privately owned entity owning less than $80,000.00 true cash value in “tangible personal property” would be exempt from assessment, and alienage for this specific tax.

Now entering from stage left, the statutory triggerman to protect the revenue source known as tangible personal property, which substantiates the legislative leadership never, intends to terminate the tax!

Public Act 90 of 2014 is known as a statutory trigger that stands when Proposal 14-1 fails at the polls.  This stealth public act enactment, Public Act 93 of 2014 substantiates the intent of the legislative leadership in Lansing has always intended to continue taxing tangible personal property whilst bantering about with the support of the Michigan Chamber of Commerce the outright misstatement of fact that they intended to end that specific tax program.

This statutory floor exemption of $80,00.00 enacted as Public Act 153 of 2013 will be repealed when Proposal 14-1 fails at the polls.

If Proposal 14-1 passes at the polls, this $80,000.00 exemption stays in place, whilst the newly established taxpayer funded Local Community Stabilization Authority pursues by millage, and use tax all personal property that exceeds the exemption floor amount in total aggregate true cash value used by a PERSON in the day to day business operation to fund first its “Public Business” operations, and secondly to “redistribute” the 25 percent residual to its favorite charities, other Public Agencies.

Proposal 14-1 is a tax increase, as clearly stated in Public Act 93 of 2014 which enables the Authority Council, in concert with the “Authority” to pursue NEW REVENUES.  New Revenues is Progressive double speak for TAX INCREASE.  The “authority” by the by is as defined by statute a newly empowered “Metropolitan Governmental Component” who will send out swarms of new officers to eat out OUR Sustenance.

Public Act 93 of 2014 enabling clauses:

Enacting section 1. This act does not take effect unless Senate Bill No. 822 of the 97th Legislature is approved by a majority of the qualified electors of this state voting on the question at an election to be held on the August regular election date in 2014.

Enacting section 2. The legislature declares that stable local government funding and a tax system that allows individuals, small businesses, and large businesses to thrive and create jobs in this state are priorities of state government. The legislature also declares that all state priorities should be considered in enacting any legislation that has a fiscal impact and that any costs should be managed in a fiscally responsible way. In furtherance of these objectives, the legislature has reduced the state use tax under section 3 of the use tax act, 1937 PA 94, MCL 205.93, and replaced the portion reduced with a use tax levied by the local community stabilization authority on behalf of local units of government throughout this state to provide more stable funding for local units of government than exists today. It is the intent of the legislature to offset the fiscal impact on the state general fund resulting from the reduction of the state use tax with new revenue generated by the assessment levied under this act and with new revenue resulting from the expiration of over $630,000,000.00 in expiring refundable tax credits that were awarded to individual businesses under tax laws enacted by past legislatures.
This act is ordered to take immediate effect.


This is how the Progressive Leadership sitting under OUR State Capitol Dome in Lansing in the 97th Legislature knowingly misleads ALL Michiganders in their determined effort to live off our Private Wealth for evermore.

This is why Proposal 14-1 is on the Ballot, for the intent of the legislative leadership in Lansing is to IMPOSE a “NEW REVENUE SOURCE” to fund the “Authority” that will levy a tax on Tangible Personal Property starting on October 1, 2015 at 96.1 million dollars.  Then over the coming ten legislative cycles this tangible personal property exaction will increase by 572 percent

In simple turns this Proposal 14-1 is a bold over the top TAX INCREASE that will fund a new level of local government whose singular objective is to send out swarms of new officers to roam about the lands of the Wolverine eating out our sustenance one assessment after another.

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