Friday, October 25, 2013

"A nation can survive its fools, . . ."

Thirty Seven Members of the Senate sitting under OUR State Capitol Dome in Lansing voted in support of Senate Bill 321. What never heard of this very popular Senate Bill? This legislation appears to be ever so popular for all attending Senators (Read page 705 in the Senate Journal) voted in unanimous support of this legislation.   One would think that all would be very interested to learn Senate Bill 321 is written to statutorily empower Private Parties to trespass upon your PRIVATE LANDS.

Odd thing here is that there is no provision in the Michigan or Federal Constitution that empowers a Legislative Body to grant statutory authority for private parties to knowingly trespass upon one’s Private Property.

What is strange about this Senate Bill as presented by Rick Jones is that it allows PRIVATE PROCESS servers who work for a PRIVATE Attorney the ability to statutorily trespass upon YOUR private land.

What you say, a Private Person engaged by a Private Attorney may trespass upon one’s private land because Rick Jones along with thirty six fellow State Senators says so? That surely is an odd piece of legislation, for there is no provision written within the State or Federal Constitution that tolerates a Legislative body to grant statutory immunity to private parities to trespass upon OUR private lands here in the lands of the Wolverine.

It is quite apparent that the thirty seven Michigan State Senators who voted to pass this statutory fraud over to the House fail to comprehend Constitutional Limitations.

It is clearly written in the State and Federal Constitution that no one may trespass upon OUR God Given Substantive Rights, unless they carry a warrant issued in compliance to Constitutional limitations.

Well, apparently neither Rick Jones nor his thirty six fellow Senators understand, or as shown by their actions recognize the Constitutional limitation known as a WARRANT.

Neither Civil Process, nor a Summons may be statutorily equated to sit as a constitutionally issued Warrant.   Yet here under our State Capitol Dome in Lansing, the thirty seven Senators sitting in the 97th Legislature did statutorily equate civil process to rise above Constitutional Limitations, known as a WARRANT!

What next, will the State Senate Sitting in Lansing enact statutory language granting private parties the use of your Swimming Pool in the Hot Weather?   Then put forward an amendment that the private home owner shall provide a grill for the trespassers to use when they pillage steaks from YOUR Freezer whilst lounging around your private pool under the color of improperly enacted statutory privileges!

Think that will not happen?  Well, who would have thought that Thirty Seven Michigan State Senators would enact Senate Bill 321 granting private parties the statutory standing to violate Constitutional Limitations known as a WARRANT!

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