Friday, October 25, 2013

The "King's Deer" is How the Progressive subvert Rights to Property

"Robin the Hood" challenged the overreach of the King's Ministers, by "robbing the rich" and "giving to the poor".  The reality was more to the point, Robin the Hood was orchestrating a revolt against tyrannical domestic governance.

In the closing days of the 12th Century the English Monarchy was out to Nationalize all rights to property, including the Deer that roamed freely upon private  land under the guise it was the "King's Deer".  The Land Owners revolted and suggested upon the point of their Arrows that the "Evil Prince John" append his proper appellation to the Magna Carta, known as the "Great Charter" on June 12, 1215.

The Magna Carta is the fundamental law that was incorporated by the Founding Fathers of the American Republic when they wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union which was amend by a document known as the Constitution of the United States FOR the United States of America.

Unfortunately this rich history of Rights to Property is not part of the educational curriculum here in the lands of the Wolverine.  The results of this lack of historical and constitutional knowledge have enabled the Progressive political class to slowly contravene our God Given Unalienable Rights under the color of Statutory Enactments here in Michigan.

One of the first Progressive political usurpations of Constitutional Limitations imposed under the color of statutory Law was the subordination of rights to Property by invoking the historical premise known as  the “King’s Deer”. 

This “King’s Deer” idiom is the Progressive tool statutorily implemented in contravention to Constitutional Limitations to usurp OUR rights to property.

The statutory imposition of the “King’s Deer” better known as “nationalization” of feral  
animals wondering about OUR private property was initiated by the Progressives in the latter days of the 19th Century here in Michigan.

The Progressive dominated Legislature sitting in Lansing enacted “Licensure” for hunting here in Michigan in response to the “Gloved Hunters” who protested the commercial harvesting of Deer in the closing two decades of the 19th Century.

The State Legislature statutorily imposed “Hunting Licensure” to Control Rights to Property here in the lands of Wolverine under the Progressive legal fiction of “Conservation”.

The result is that the Progressive dominated Legislature sitting under OUR State Capitol Dome in Lansing has co-opted OUR rights to property under the guise of "Hunting Licensure".  

Then OUR Elected Officers sitting under OUR Capitol Dome in Lansing use this "licensure process" to plunder our private wealth by exacting exorbitant taxes imposed as "Fees" to harvest Deer out of OUR woods sitting within the Four Corner of OUR PRIVATE LANDS!

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