Friday, November 11, 2016

Everything will Change

 “Everything will change, everything has changed”[1]

By Kenneth A.

The closing scene of Mel Gibson’s movie “The Patriot” became real life during the early Morning of November 9, when Hillary Clinton’s subordinate, John Podesta, stood on the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center stage to inform all present that they should go home. Hillary sent out her subordinate, knowing well that the Associated Press had called Pennsylvania at 1:40 Am for Donald J Trump.  So, just as what Lord Charles Cornwallis did at Yorktown in defeat, she was unable to hand her “Sword” over to the Victor, Donald J Trump.  So, she sent out her Subordinate, who unlike at Yorktown did not acknowledge her loss, for she and her subordinate held on to the false narrative to the very end.

This inevitable end to Hillary Clinton’s 36 years in the Political Limelight came with her silent acknowledgement that which had been denied by all within the Leadership of both major political parties, who were parroted by their journalistic sycophants embedded in the major media, since June16, 2015, Donald J Trump was the messenger of a political movement that had turned the “silent majority” into an active standing New Republican Party voting bloc across America.

The media’s pot shots at the GOP Presidential Candidacy,of Donald J Trump came to the Fox News Channel on August 7, 2015 debate.  Fox News Channel “Fair and Balanced” claims took a heavy hit when the three moderators, Megan Kelly, Chris Wallace, and Bret Baier teamed up to target what they thought would be easy prey in the first 60 seconds of the Televised GOP Primary Presidential debate viewed by over 28 millions in the States, and untold millions more around the world, Donald J Trump.

Donald’s campaign message was simple, and to the point; he was standing up to end the Progressive Political Elite corruption that had led the Public Trust sitting in Washington D.C. to mirror the corrupted ways of third world Dictatorships.

The Democratic Presidential Nominee was the prime example of a Progressive Political Elite whose lawless ways were the accepted norm within Washington D.C.’s entrenched political establishment.  A Progressive political elite, as shown twice by the FBI Director James Comey, who in concert with Attorney General Loretta Lynch, refused to acknowledge the legal wrongs committed by the Democratic Presidential Nominee’s pay to play scheme, and the private email server used to hide these corrupted acts from public scrutiny when sitting as the Secretary of State.

The result was for over 18 months, the Washington Progressive Political Establishment, and their
media cheerleaders outrightly ignored the coming political triumph of Donald J. Trump where he invigorated a political movement that would attract tens of thousands to political rallies starting in Phoenix Arizona on July 11, 2015.

Four Days after the August 7, 2015 Debate, Donald J Trump came to Birch Run, where nearly 3000 Michiganders, with others from outside the lands of the Wolverine, filled the arena to hear him champion a political movement to “Make America Great Again”. 

These Political Rallies, which continued over the following fifteen months, attracting tens of millions of Americans, were dismissed by his Opponents, and the Media pundits, which led them to overlook the obvious; the growing political movement that carried Donald J Trump to victory here in Michigan and throughout America on November 8 2016 to be elected as the President of the United States of America.
In Sterling Heights at the Freedom Hill Arena, where nearly eight thousand plus Michiganders stood with thousands left standing outside, over to the last Campaign Rally in Grand Rapids for the Presidential Campaign in DeVos Place, where another eighteen thousand Michiganders stood in the first morning hours of November 8, Pete Hoekstra shared the fact which the entrenched Republican Leadership in Washington D.C. refused to comprehend.  Donald J Trump was the messenger of a vibrant unstoppable political movement that has brought a New Republican Party to the forefront where are all welcome to stand tall to “Make America Great Again”!

1.      From “The Patriot” by Mel Gibson,  the surrender at Yorktown as spoken by Tom Wilkinson aka Gen. Lord Charles Cornwallis  

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