Thursday, August 18, 2016

The American Revolution November 2016

Far too many folk become mired in the local arena argument of political party disunity, which obfuscates the issues sitting on the floors of the State and Federal legislature.

In 2011, with the support of the Grassroots in the local arena throughout the States, the Republicans secured the Majority in the House sitting under OUR Federal Capitol Dome.

In 2010, and again in 2012, the Senate Republicans faulted the Tea Party of the Grassroots for their "failure" to secure majority control of the Federal Senate.

Two years later, in the fall of 2014, the Republicans secured the Leadership of the Senate thanks directly to a unified Grassroots in the local arena.

Meanwhile John Boehner's parting Gift to the Senate Democrats in the fall of 2012 was to pass along the HIGHEST tax increase since the days of "Read My Lips". Higher taxes means more earmarked pork redistributed to the Progressives favored charities, themselves, and their favorite Crony Capitalists.

Meanwhile the Major Media with the avid support of the inside the Beltway crowd spin a False narrative by exploiting the disunity among the Republican Grassroots back home in the local arena.

This theme of political party disunity is now in full swing, as the usual suspects' surrogates, the K Street Gang, along with a few sitting members of the Corrupted Political Elite send out a Letter denouncing the GOP Presidential Candidate Donald J. Trump, a denouncement totally reliant upon playing up a false narrative which is reliant upon factional disunity within the Republican Grassroots. A factional disunity which will always exist, which when mishandled locally becomes the opportunity for the Progressive Political Elite to assure their corrupted hold on OUR Public Trust.

The Mishandling back home in the local arena is self evident, when the Grassroots toss the theme around as to who is more Republican.   This onerous argument bounding around back home in the local arena where, the Grassroots are tossing about who is more Republican is being egged on by the local "State Capitol Bubble" lobbyist crowd, who like their K Street Counterparts knowingly fear the message of Donald J. Trump.

A "litmus test" of accusations tossed about amongst the Republican Grassroots allows the corrupted Political Elite sitting inside the Beltway, along with those "State Capitol Bubble" lobbyists to play us all for Fools. Read through the printed pages of YOUR local print news media, they feast off the story line of "Disunity" in the Republican Grassroots.

Meanwhile the Inside the Beltway Crowd, circle their wagons, from where they look for targets of opportunity, to assure their double speak agenda.  Disunity is a false narrative, which is the result of well minded folks, who by nature have disagreements.  Read the history of the Continental Congress precedent to, and following the unanimous Consent from July 4, 1776, where the assembled membership stated for the All the World to Know, where they Stated we here in America would stand as One Nation under God, as the United States of America. 

There were periods of open vitriolic hostility, yet they all stood unified as God Fearing Freedom Loving Americans in the Common Cause, to toss of the Tyrannical Chains of a Corrupted Governance sitting along the Thames River in Merry Ole London Town.

The Grassroots Disunity back home is music to the ears of the Corrupted Political Elite sitting under OUR Federal Capitol Dome in Washington D.C., played up by the local Lobbyists club sitting within the Political Bubble of the State Capitol, who like K Street, are reliant upon the corrupted political elite to fund their lifestyle, so they egg on the false narrative of disunity for their pecuniary profit.

Disunity within the Grassroots is reliant upon a false narrative that empowers the corrupted political elite, whilst sowing discord where it does not belong. What is the false narrative? It derives from frustrations played upon by the Local and K Street Lobbyists, who use it as a funding tool sopping the corrupted political elite.

Leading up to and following the 2014 elections, the Republicans sitting on both chamber floors under OUR Federal Capitol Dome, rolled out to the Political Stump championing Conservative ideas of Constitutional Limited Governance, then once on the legislative Floor behind locked doors doubled the National Debt whilst faulting the Grassroots back home.

A Grassroots back home who pointed the finger at the other side, claiming they were not real Republicans.

The local arena may be divisive, but once the decisions are made and the local leadership sits, it is time to stand up to address the coming elections.

Failure to address the vote this fall, will empower the rhetorical double speak we have suffered for generations, from the Corrupted Political Elite, who care nothing about the Grassroots, except on Election Day.

It is time to wake up from the pettiness of whose is more Republican.

The men who stood on Lexington Green on April 19 1775 had no concern for who was "More the Minuteman". They had one common unifying concern, to toss off the Tyrannical Chains of a Corrupted Governance.  It is time we honor their Legacy by tossing of the Tyrannical Chains of the Corrupted Governance that now festers under OUR Federal Capitol Dome in Washington D.C.

Their legacy is now our present, where thanks to their Sweat, Blood, and Toil on the Revolutionary Battlefield, and Chambers of the Continental Congress, we have the Liberty to roll into the Polls this Coming November to support the messenger Donald J. Trump, so we may all stand tall to "Make American Great Again".

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