Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Net Neutrality is in reality Crony Capitalism regulated by administrative decree.

Crony Capitalism is the fiscal root of National Socialism.  National Socialism was best described by Newt Gingrich for what it truly shall be, Bureaucratic Socialism.

National Socialism by implementation empowers the Federal Communications Commission to expand its regulatory hand to impose an unconstitutional decree by administrative memorandum.

This executive memorandum, presented as the “Open Internet” directly supports the local unit of government to feast on its granting of a local statutory monopoly to a hard line broadband service provider. Net Neutrality is progressive double speak which is presented to the ill informed as the “Open Internet”.

There is no “Open Internet” where a local unit of

government grants a governmental monopoly to ONE Broadband Service Provider.  The local government unit’s granted Monopoly empowers the Monopolist service provider to impose a Franchise Fee, which is exacted from the local consumer who has but one option for hard line internet services.

Net Neutrality is the Federal sanctioning of the "Franchise fee" tagged on to all local broadband cable bills issued to consumers, which is then paid to the local unit of government.

The Franchise Fee is an indirect tax paid by the Cable Company, the locally franchised broadband service provider, to the local unit of government that granted IT a statutory service monopoly.  Who pays the Franchise Fee?  You the consumer who’s locally elected officials use the Monopoly to increase its general fund without enacting a new tax.

Now enter the Federal Communications Commission, a 1934 New Deal statutory Creation created to monopolize radio communication within the regulatory hands of a Federal grafted, whoops, created administrative board.  This federal administrative board sits under the color of Federal law to impose a nonexistent authority, the regulation of interstate commerce.

The original 1934 statutory proclamation was issued to regulate the “scarce bandwidth” of “Radio Waves”. This was done under the false bravado of preventing interference of radio broadcasting inclusive of claiming to prevent the growth of Broadcast Monopolies. What was the result; the issuance of Federal licensure to Radio broadcast Monopolies, legislative control of the marketplace by administrative decree!

This is how Bureaucratic Socialism operates. First the apparatchiks engender a nonexistent problem, say Global Warming, whoops Climate change, Naw, Net Neutrality, nope, “Open internet” which is used to enable a regulatory solution which enlarges government, whilst diminishing OUR substantive Rights to Life, Liberty, and Property.

In this instance of “Net Neutrality”, Bureaucratic Socialism hides in plain sight the enlargement of its statutory standing.

The Federal Communications Commission is a legal fiction which in stands as the Ministry of Propaganda.  This Ministry of Propaganda controls “Free Speech”  by proclaiming in this instant case, the regulation of information by portending to establish an unconstitutional action by administrative decree in this instance under the Progressive double speak presented as the “Open Internet.

When there is a statutory monopoly, sanctioned by the local unit of government, now protected by the Administrative Memorandum of the Federal Communication Commission, we the consumer pay thrice, once to the service provider, a second time to the local government unit's general fund in the form of the "Franchise Fee" and finally all at a dear cost to OUR Liberty as Ordained by God..

So, why should a broadband service provider be concerned about the rising cost of billable fees by layering its access by bandwidth when it faces no competition within its statutorily ordained geographical franchise?

Yet the Federal Communication Commission claims it is all about an Affordable and fair “Open internet’. Yes, it will be affordable and fair with one snail speed broadband service provider offering federally regulated narrow bandwidth monopolistic search engine with one Internet Service Provider all for one high billable rate inclusive of all franchise fees and FCC taxes.

The solution to this federal executive arrogance is first to repeal the statutory authority known as the Federal Communications Commission. Secondly, the State Legislature should move to prohibit ITS local units of government from grafting, oh, pardon the Orwellian slip, granting a statutory monopoly to a broadband service provider.

When the local hard line broadband service providers face competition, they would lose customers when the competitor offers more service for fewer dollars.

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