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The Tenure of Corruption

America today is awash in misdirection emulating from within the dark recesses of the State and Federal political bureaucracy that empowers the public ministry to move in equity that which has no lawful form or substance in administrative law.

The political bureaucracy is a statutory creature of the law. This State’s political bureaucracy is constitutionally constituted to move within the statutory enactments of the State or Federal legislature. The Legislature’s will and whim is limited to the regulation of public (civil) rights.

The failure Americans within and without the known patriot community to learn the nature of the political bureaucracy seriously diminishes their cause, which is the substantiation of their God Given Unalienable (private) rights within the form driven legalistic lands of the administrative state.

The patriot community runs afoul of the political bureaucracy’s systemic fraud due to a serious lack of knowledge as to how the public ministry lies well in equity in defiance to the administrative due processes of agency law.

It is far easier for the patriot community to fault the known corruption of the political bureaucracy, then to sit down and read the statutory texts of the State and Federal Legislature.

The known corruption of the political bureaucracy is perfected in equity, when the singular litigant is coerced to stand in front of the black robed (statutorily defined as JUDGE) administrative officer, who sits upon the dais of the legislative (Court) agency portending its judicial authority when one fails to forcibly object in law. The inequitable prosecution of the political bureaucracy’s systemic fraud accrues as “case law”, wherein the black robed administrators impose a judicial tyranny that is perfected in directed defiance to the statutory texts.

The substantive proof that this judicial tyranny is used to perfect the systemic fraud of the appointed political bureaucracy is proofed by reading the statutory texts written in black and white as enacted by the State and Federal Legislature. In order to perfect the administrative fraud, the state and federal legislatures’ editorial committee codifies the statutory texts, which then stand as “mere evidence” of the substantive law. It is this mere evidence of the law, which is routinely used to perfect in equity that which lacks substantive form in administrative (statutory) law.

It is this mere evidence of the law that the state and or federal prosecution puts forth upon the floor of the legislative (Public Court) agency, wherein the black robed administrative officer sits its legislative (Publicly Funded Court) agency for appellate review in equity for that which does not exist in law. Read the State’s public records management act, and administrative procedures act.

The political bureaucracy’s public ministers promote this disingenuous administrative governance in contradistinction to the statutory enactments of the state and federal Legislature. The sad fact of this systemic fraud is that it is so transparent that the political bureaucracy’s administrative fraud becomes the truth, and the singular American’s God Given Unalienable (private) rights becomes the lie.

All Americans recognize there is something terribly corrupt in our governmental ministries, yet rarely if at all will the political bureaucracy ever hold one of its own accountable. So that begs the question, how does the political bureaucracy secure its foothold under the state and federal capitol domes? Well one sure way to secure permanency in the political bureaucracy was instituted on January 16, 1883 as the Pendleton Civil Service Act, which perfected tenure for federal civil servants. This “reform” legislation created a statutory permanence wherein the appointed political bureaucracy was statutorily guaranteed the thirty-first year, wherein the pension kicks in. The states enacted “civil service reform” legislation that protects the appointed political bureaucracy’s “meritorious” service till the thirty-first year when the pension kicks in.

It is this permanent appointed (civil service) political bureaucracy at the federal and state level that LOBBIES the elected political bureaucracy to fund their administrative authority for the regulation of public (civil) rights. These permanently appointed political bureaucracies have discovered their livelihood is dependent upon a systemic fraud, which improperly empowers the public ministry to deliberately overreach constitutionally constituted statutory limitations for the administrative regulation of public (governmentally enacted civil privileges) rights.

This systemic administrative fraud would not operate herein America, if not for the compliant assistance of the black robed (statutorily defined as JUDGE) administrative officer, who will lie well in equity when the singular targeted American has no comprehension as to how one shall substantiate their God Given Unalienable (private) rights within the form driven legalistic lands of the administrative state.

The legislative (governmentally funded Court) agency operating within a fiction of law has administratively empowered a waiver of substantive rights, predicated upon the presumption that all are knowledgeable to the law. Yet this presumptive knowledge to law is nonexistent here in America, as the governmentally funded parochial and publicly administered behavior modification ( private and public school systems) and historical redefinition centers matriculate dysfunctional literates who have no comprehension as to how the administrative state moves its regulatory authority for the administration of civil (statutorily enacted governmental privileges) rights.

The proof of that the educational system here in America matriculates dysfunctionally literate Americans may be watched on the Tonight Show, when Jay Leno presents his “Jay Walking”.

It is a dysfunctional literacy here in America that empowers the systemic administrative fraud of the political bureaucracy that impose a public policy awash in socialism (communistic corporate state) in defiance to any one American’s God Given Unalienable (Substantive) Rights.

This improper usage of administrative authority, by the entrenched appointed political bureaucracy that is funded annually by an elected political bureaucracy, is a deliberated and seditious repression of the America Republic.

The political bureaucracy moves a policy of socialism by pandering to those who sup upon the public dole. The public dole is not necessarily exclusive to the administrative welfare recipients. Read the Income Tax Act of August 14th, 1935, that provides the necessity of State law to administer social (governmentally mandated welfare) programs for Windows, Orphans, Blind, and Pensioners. The public dole supports more than forty two million appointed members of the federal, state and local municipal political bureaucracy’s civil service who when challenged for their improper acts will quickly retort, that they are only “following orders”.

So the question is how this rogue political bureaucracy funds a public policy that wraps its administrative ideology openly around the socialistic state of cradle to grave administrative regulation of civil rights in direct defiance to the fundamental laws of the American Republic.

Welcome to the mad lands of the administrative state. The mad lands of the administrative state rely upon the political bureaucracy to move fictional falsities as if they may presumed to be true. Read Fiction of law, Ballentine’s Law Dictionary Third Edition, page 468. The fiction of law has empowered a corrupted political bureaucracy to subordinate the substantive rights of all Americans under a color of law so transparent that the Black Robed Administrative Officer may declare in equity that which has neither form or substance in law. Read the State’s administrative procedures act which statutorily provides for the form driven adjudication of the contested case.

The founding fathers knew well the political bureaucracy’s malleability to corruption. In order to protect their posterity from the willingness of the elected and appointed political bureaucracy’s inherent want to wrap their administrative hands around the veils of governmental corruption, they amended the Articles of Confederation and Perpetual Union to federalize the United States, and to perfect the rule of law which limited the reach of the federal and state administrative authority.

Unfortunately Americans are no longer are taught the history of the American Republic. The publically controlled (governmental) centers for behavior modification and historical redefinition matriculate dysfunctional literates who may be a success in the regulated lands of the political democracy, yet have no comprehension how to overcome the political bureaucracy’s systemic administrative fraud that compels a singular American to seek permission from the administrative state for the usage of their private property.

The administrative state’s systemic fraud is a directed act of the elected and appointed political bureaucracy that imposes an inequitable public policy through the administrative taxation of private Americans in defiance to the very law that authenticates constitutionally constituted fiscal policy at the state and federal level.

The solution is to read the statutory enactments of the State and Federal legislature. The studious reader will discover the lawful substance that authenticates the legislative (public agency) tribunal’s administrative jurisdictional regulation which requires the statutory creation of public documents implemented as public records management. Public records Management is a form driven documentation of the public (civil) rights that arises by notice, and or application in compliance to statutory (administrative) authority. The appointed political bureaucracy as a course of public policy issues invalid public documents and accepts fraudulent collections of information in direct violation to the statutory law. This improper administration of public records is presumed to be correct, when the singular American Inhabitant waives its objection by failing to comprehend that their substantive rights are not a publicly administered civil (governmentally enacted privilege) right.

The appointed political bureaucracy has implemented an inequitable way around its constitutional limitations by suborning the due processes of agency law under the color of lawful authority.

In order to impose the appointed political bureaucracy’s inequitable public policy, the black robed administrators sitting upon the dais of the legislative (governmentally funded court) agency, adjudicates by means of the statutory presumption of guilt, even when said presumptive adjudication defies the form driven substance of the due processes of lawful administrative responsibility. Read the Public Act 175 enacted by the Michigan State Legislature in 1927, wherein statutory term of art Complaint dockets presumptive guilt.

This statutory presumption of guilt was exposed and expressed to be a constitutional aberration in Bailey v Alabama, 219 US 219, 236 (1911)

Consider the situation of the accused under this statutory presumption. If, at the outset, nothing took place but the making of the contract and the receipt of the money, he could show nothing else. If there was no legal justification for his leaving his employment, he could show none. If he had not paid the debt, there was nothing to be said as to that. The law of the state did not permit him to testify that he did not intend to injure or defraud. Unless he were fortunate enough to be able to command evidence of circumstances affirmatively showing good faith, he was helpless. He stood, stripped by the statute of the presumption of innocence, and exposed to conviction for fraud upon evidence only of breach of contract and failure to pay.

The American Republic is hidden under a color of law so transparent that few are able to overcome the fictional falsities imposed by an appointed political bureaucracy that lies well in equity in defiance to the due processes of administrative law.

This seditious corruption is so overt that an appointed political bureaucrat may spend its 30 year tenure pillaging Americans and as its reward for institutionalized administrative corruption secure a pension funded by a Legislature that collectively cares nothing for statesmanship but gladly accepts political graft which they openly share with their influential comrades who collectively feast off the public trust at a dear cost to America and Americans.

A perfect example of seditions corruption is found here in Michigan, where the elected political bureaucracy from both sides of the two statutorily empowered political parties pillage the wealth of Michiganders to fund their socialism now programs administered by an appointed political bureaucracy that needs 53,000 employees to run ill managed governmental services by improperly assessing taxes under the color of constitutional authority.

The solution is to find the local law library, and walk amongst its dusty shelves reading the statutory enactments of the State and Federal Legislature, where one will readily discover that seditious corruption administered by a rogue political bureaucracy has replaced the rule of law.

The remedy to overcoming this seditious malfeasant administrative authority of the political bureaucracy shall be substantiated, as when one reads the statutory texts written in black and white as enacted by the state and federal legislature, they will readily discern that the public policy of the political bureaucracy lacks substance as it has no form that stands in compliance to public records management.

Within the complexity of the law is found the simplicity of its form driven administrative relief.

"Liberty cannot be preserved without a general knowledge among the people, who have a right, from the frame of their nature, to knowledge, as their great Creator, who does nothing in vain, has given them understandings, and a desire to know; but besides this, they have a right, an indisputable, unalienable, indefeasible, divine right to that most dreaded and envied kind of knowledge; I mean, of the characters and conduct of their rulers."
-- John Adams (Dissertation on Canon and Feudal Law, 1765)
Reference: Our Sacred Honor, Bennett, 253.

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autarchic said...

I agree that one must read the laws. The last time I was in the Supreme Court's Law Library I was overwhelmed by the sheer number of the books. If I were able to read one book per day, it would take twenty years or more. I have a life to live, and the powers that be know it. Where should one start reading after one reads the Administrative Procedures Act?